Blood Bowl League Thread

We need a catch-all for current Leagues, including commissioners, passwords, and all other relevant info.

This is that thread.

Reminder: Be sure to join our Blood Bowl group on Steam.

[size=16]Current Leagues[/size]

[size=13]GWJ Open[/size]
Password: goodjer
Commissioner: Prozac
Other Admins:

A great way to get challenge matches against other Goodjers, get your feet wet, and level a team you might want to enter in one of the other leagues.

[size=13]GWJ Iron League 2.1[/size]
Password: block
Commissioner: SwampYankee
Other Admins: Napking, Prozac

A firm game-a-week commitment needed to play in this one, though there's a wide range of skill.

Current Champion: Prozac

[size=13]GWJ Bronze League 2.0[/size]
Commissioner: Napking
Other Admins:

Originally founded as a stopgap for folks who didn't make it into the Iron League in time. A firm game-a-week commitment needed to play in this one, though (as with the Iron League) there's a wide range of skill.

Current Champions: Prozac & Maq (Div 1) / Cayne (Div 2)

[size=13]GWJ Scrubs and Beginners[/size]
Commissioner: oilypenguin
Other Admins:

New to the game? This is the place for you.

Also: if you are a European Goodjer, Torq and Maq are currently assessing interest in a European League. Please contact them if you're interested.

Do we want to consider restarting the Bronze league with new people or starting another one? We should have an influx of folks due to that sale.

Dimmer Iron League II p/w is "block".

I am commish, Napking and Prozac have admin rights as well.

Please put a note in that Iron League has relatively strictly enforced scheduling of a week to get your match in and that if you flake on your team part-way through the season you can't get back in unless there are extenuating circumstances.... yada yada yada.

As for the ongoing status of the Bronze League, I guess the philosophy is to ensure that new coaches shouldn't have to wait 2-months for a new league to start. I kept seeing posts asking to join and our only response was: "Well, this league won't finish for 6 weeks, that other one is in Limbo, so Thanks for coming but we can't do anything for you so come back in 2-months."

Hence I started the Bronze League about half-way through the Iron league for new coaches to jump on-board, polish their skills, try a new team in prep for the next season of the Iron League.

So this all leads to a discussion of how we as a community want to structure our blood bowl league(s). A newbie league and a pro league? One massive League? New leagues starting frequently?

I've had some thoughts of how to organize one massive league while still being newb and pro friendly. It's kinda complex, and means departing from the comfort of cyanide organizing everything in-game. It'd get structured as an "open" league in cyanide however the commish would structure their own schedule and post it for everyone. Means we aren't stuck with the bracket structure that Cyanide implements. Still figuring out further details, might come back with a formal proposal.

I also had thoughts of running "seasons" with the Bronze League starting a third of the way into the Iron League and a joke league starting in the last third. That way, new leagues are always starting for new coaches. Is that something we should consider?

So, how are we structuring these two threads then? Should I move this to the main?


Think you're missing the info on the Invitational League as well. That's on it's last week unless Prozac has already advanced it?
If we could get a commitment going forward about games and scheduling (a week per game, or something like that) Then the massive league would be ideal, with a possibility of new divisions being formed when enough new players join up (Though the logistics of that and having them play enough games to get to playoffs is beyond comprehension for me)

As always though, I'm for whatever gets more people playing and more games on the go.

Bronze League Round 4 - NguTron's Darkness Fanclub vs Maqusan's Rottenham Hotspur

After some technical difficulties we finally got a working start with Spurs electing to receive in sweltering conditions. Darkness were unable to capitalize on a Blitz following far too short a kick, leaving the rookie flesh golem free to pound down the pitch, with his teammates setting immediately to work sending 3 players to the apothecary within seconds of the starting whistle.

Subsequent turns saw more players off the pitch, knocked out or bleeding, and the Dark Elves were left far too short handed to prevent a confident Necromantic drive, despite an excellent last ditch attempt turning the ball loose on the goal line.

With players collapsing from the heat, NguTron's laptop followed suit and shut down from overheating. He was unable to rejoin the game and offered to cede the match.

[color=green][size=20]GWJ Bronze League WEEK 5[/size]
[size=16]FINAL WEEK[/size]
Div 1
Dysplastic's Something Wicked... vs Prozac's Sylvania UTD
Maqusan's Rottenham Hotspurs vs Oilypenguin's Fresh Out of Silver
napking's Suds 'n Duds vs NguTron's The Darkness Fanclub

There's a three-way fight for tops of the league, and none of the three play each other. Should be interesting.

Div 2
Feegle's Sagacious Swordlords vs Mejwell's Stamford Smuglers
Cayne's Fembots 3.2 vs RiverRattMatt's (aka LockAndLoad) Bronzed Kegs
baladec's (aka SuperDave) The Pur-Dies vs Dimmerswitch's Ogrechester United

Cayne has reached the final week undefeated and a Tie will lock of Tops of the division. Mejwell and Dimmerswitch are hoping that doesn't happen as they both are within striking range of the leader.

[color=red][size=17]DEADLINE: Thursday July 14th at 11pm EDT[/size][/color]
Same as with the Iron League, Extensions will be made possible provided the lagging teams have a scheduled date not too far after the deadline.

Oily and I are going to have to postpone til Friday 15th or Saturday 16th at the latest.

[color=green][size=20]GWJ Iron League 2.0[/size]
[size=16]is open for submissions.[/size]
pw: goodjer

League format is such that standings will not be displayed in-game but posted here and/or hosted with links. This new format is geared towards providing an appropriate challenge for every team, yet still hosting a large community of teams.

Max Team Value = 1900

As with all GWJ Metal-type games, a semi-strict policy of weekly matches will be enforced. Please be aware that we have many coaches with odd hours so flexibility is expected from everyone.

Please apply and stay tuned for further details.

(I hope I didn't forget anything)

Do I need to take my league out of II to join 2.0?

Dimmer can you mention in the main topic that we're trying to round up a quorum for a Euro league as well? Expressions of interest to Torq or I.

Joining the league. I will assemble ma team and get it posted up here lickedy splitty.

Hey we should add the scrub league to the OP.

Goooooaaaaaaaaalllllll! My first point! IMAGE( I lost 2-1 to Cayne and his vermin army of Skaven. There was a lot of teeth gnashing but in the end blind luck prevailed and got my boyz their first goal.

Scrubs and Beginners: Removed the Ruttin' Mudders since they're over the TV limit now. It looks like that makes the Noob league 7/8 full so I'll wait to see what's going to happen with that spot. I've got two teams - Human and Norse, both brand new - that I'd be happy to apply with if there's room. See edit below.

Iron League 3: Applied with the Ruttin' Mudders.

Tickle League 2: Applied with my TV 1000 Norse team.

Edit: Applied to Scrubs with my Human team. Oily can just reject/ignore my application if he wants to leave the spot for a more rookie team. This leaves me with just an unbloodied Norse team in the open league but if anyone wants a game against them, friend me on Steam and send an invite.

I've got a team ready to go for Scrubs but I can't find the password anywhere.

Applied for Tickle League 2.

From Oilypenguin's post in the other thread, I'm guessing he hasn't created the new Scrubs League yet.

I'm thinking that perhaps, rather than have a single person managing this list, that perhaps it makes more sense for us to move the League List to our Steam Group, so any group admin can update the info.

I've taken the liberty of porting the OP to the group page, and (unless there are objections) think we can let this thread gather dust.

sorrysorrysorry. Busy Saturday.

I'll post the new information 12 hours or so from this post.

Hey Dimmer, let's update the OP with new Commish's as well as the weekly matchups, whatcha think? I know when i check the threads at work i can barely remember who i'm supposed to be playing and if we posted all 4 leagues that would be handy.

Scrubs, Bronze, Iron, S&T.

Cayne wrote:

Hey Dimmer, let's update the OP with new Commish's as well as the weekly matchups, whatcha think? I know when i check the threads at work i can barely remember who i'm supposed to be playing and if we posted all 4 leagues that would be handy.

Scrubs, Bronze, Iron, S&T.


(Also, I just promoted you to officer for the BB Steam Group, so you should have edit rights for the list there now).

Huzzah, so many threads, so many posts to get lost in the shuffle, thanks Dimmer!

And it is done.