Yearly Northeast Slap and Tickle - CT/NY/MA/RI -- October 15, 2011 -International Goodjer Day!


International Goodjer Day here!

Details to follow, but mark your calendars,,,,This will be our 4th year hosting and we have a great time and meet new people each and every year!

Some details....

*Anytime 12:00 and after...

*We live 1 mile from the local train station and will do pick-ups and runs.....

*Bring your family, it is family friendly!

*We will have a space set up for board games, a space for PS3-X-BOX and Rock Band and then the living room for more fun stuff and outside, providing the weather is decent.

*Bring your favorite alcoholic responsible or you stay the night...

*We have some sleeping space available...people coming from furthest get first dibs! Claim it as soon as you can!

* FOOD -In years past I have cooked up a storm, we may change things up a bit this year due to the addition of the twins and maybe order some pre-made food and collect a little bit from everyone.

Sign up to bring something:

Missy and Doc: Spinach and artichoke dip - sandwich platter- kielbasa- soda -nachos - who knows what else
Tanglebones: Hummus and pita
Stengah: Portal cupcakes
Atras: Thick chicken soup
Jaser: Apple crisp and cookies

Local hotel info -

It is a fairly new hotel..and has rooms that can accomodate many people (a 2 double bed suite has the 2 double beds and a pull out sofa)...and start at 89 a night, but if you have AAA are less...this hotel is like 1/4 mile from our house..


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Kittylexy (Mrs. Tanglebones)
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Ariskany Evan

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I will be there again this year. My wife's attendance depends on the date, but I've still got 3 days of vacation left, so I can make any weekend. Standard offer for carpooling from Augusta, ME applies (we'll be most likely spending the night before, and the night after the S&T in CT, and have two extra seats in our car).

Thanks Stengah! You are the bestest house guest...and are always welcome!

Anyone who has not seen Dead Alive by the time of their arrival will do so at the event.

How can this be on the third page already. I am ashamed of all you east coasters!

But isn't it, like, a year old or something?

Oh that's the other thread.

No, No! It is happening in like weeks/months!! Maybe 10ish weeks.....if people would start throwing out dates.

In the past we have always done Columbus Day weekend...but some people are roped into family obligations being it is the long weekend and can not we are waiting to see what date will work for the most people...

I'll tentatively put my name in again ... my schedule is such that it can be difficult to be sure of my availability until the last minute. sometimesdee will be back in school by then, so her attendance will depend on how much work gets dumped on her that particular week.

I am onboard once again. Last year rocked!!!

I can make any weekend in Oct, though I'd prefer either the 9th-10th or 23rd-24th. My wife just got booked to be the photographer for a wedding on the 16th, so that weekend won't work for her.

Okay! yay Stengah for throwing out dates!

I think the 9-10th is the long weekend...

and the 23-24th works for us as well....

So let's try to rally around those dates and see what works for most....

So, which date works better for all you east coasters??

I travel quite a bit for my job, but I think the 23rd - 24th would probably be best in October. I am tentative at this point until it gets closer. Thanks for pulling this together again this year, Missy. I'm sure it's like herding cats.

I'm poking my head into this thread. Not sure how it would work out for me — would have to convince the lovely mrs. lostlobster to let me escape for a weekend. Might happen. But I'll keep checking in and — who knows — maybe I'll be able to make it. Would love to.

I can put a tentative yes in on either weekend - would love to meet some goodjers IRL

Woot guys!! some posts!

No problem on putting it together, we have always had fun in the past, and plan on doing it for as long as we can!

Tell Mrs. Lobster that a weekend apart will make you miss her so much! And that it is good for couples tehe! Or hell, bring her along...we don't care!

And good deal tangle....we have fun!

So one for the 23rd is better.......

More input please! SO many of you posted the last few years, I know you are out there. You can not ignore me!

I'd be honored to join in on some hawt Rock Band (or whatever) action. At this point, I don't have any plans for the weekends around then, so please pencil me in for the Saturday of whichever weekend is decided.

I'll see if I can make it once the date's further locked down; I can usually stick around after spending a week in CT for a negligible cost so it's mostly a question of other commitments and if I'm going to be at the office the week before.

I am leaning towards the 23rd of October.....

It's not so much Mrs. Lobster as is it the Littlest Lobster. Someone's got to watch the kid. At least that's what they keep telling me.

lostlobster wrote:

It's not so much Mrs. Lobster as is it the Littlest Lobster. Someone's got to watch the kid. At least that's what they keep telling me.

Eh, what do those bastards at childrens services really know anyway!

Missy9579 wrote:

I am leaning towards the 23rd of October.....

October 23rd would work for me, or at least I'm sure I can convince my company to make it work for me.

Also: Bumpers.

Can't make Oct 23. Working that weekend so I can be off for our Anniversary the following weekend. I'll tell Robear and Cubby. Maybe they will head up. is the date....

October 9th.....its the long weekend and now that I am pregnant with twins, I may need the extra day to recover...

So October 9th, Saturday.

12pm and on....

More details will come soon, but for those of you who needed a date nailed down....there it is.

Rockin. I'll bring the cake again.

Details have been added.....see the links to the 2008 and 2009 parties in Stengah's post. We usually have a good time! So um, come!

Refusing to allow this to go to the second page without anyone posting!

Seriously? Not one post?

Umm.. post. Still very interested in coming out

Count me in! I'm going to try to convince the gf to come this time. We'll see if I'm successful or not.

You guys saved the day! I was about to unleash the very potent pregnancy hormones on ya'll!

And good deal, we can scoop you both and whoever you bring from the train station if need be!