How's work been?

Congratulations! That's excellent.


Nice! Congrats

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Nice! Well done!
They need any remote IT service desk professionals?
Do they have an office in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Work isn't so great for me. Just tired of the abuse. They love me when they want to dump extra responsibility on me. And then show me what my place is when they go off to lunch without me to strategize or when a team member from another office is in town. And when the CDIO needs her white board wiped

I'm not quiet quitting. I just realized that all the extra effort being enthusiastic and Johnny on the spot, amounts to about 20% more completed work. Plus it opens me up to abuse like said white board cleaning and rush job picking up after things I am not even involved in because "they don't want to do it so yeah, lets get James(me) to do it." So I cut that out and I am still doing twice what's expected on top of all the unquantifiable office day to day.

The latest lunch snub finally got me off my ass to work on my indeed profile.

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Thanks for all the support everyone. Starting Tues after Memorial Day. So anybody wants to play some games let's hit it for the next 12 days.

Hell yeah.

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Thanks for all the support everyone. Starting Tues after Memorial Day. So anybody wants to play some games let's hit it for the next 12 days.


I lucked into a person who might be the best manager I’ve ever had. She knows her stuff, and by “her stuff” I mean “how to run a development team” but also “how to treat her team with dignity and respect”.

She is gently hounding us to make sure we’re putting time into sprints for professional/personal development.

She makes sure everyone feels valued.

She cares that we get to achieve completion of projects not just so we’re delivering but also so we’re not burdened with endlessly working on the same thing and feeling burned out.

She pushes us to take PTO and isn’t a stickler for tracking our PTO budgets.

And she doesn’t track with that “We’re a family here” nonsense. We’re friendly colleagues, and maybe friends, but she wants to make sure we’re not emotionally manipulated.

The actual job? It’s fine. I make a decent living and WFH 100%. My company hasn’t hinted at any RTO plans that I know of., and I don’t even have an office in my state anyway. My team is solid and they get me which feels good. We’re growing too, and while I like small teams I’m looking forward to having more people to work with. Our stakeholders have been pushing to get us a bigger budget so we can bring on more people because they like what we do.

So, yeah, not too shabby.

I had one of those managers for 3 months. I almost didn't switch teams because she was so awesome. Next manager was pretty good but not quite as good.

She also encouraged us to take a break during work. When we were in office she would grab the team and go for a walk at the park/trail next to our office around 2-230 every day, for a little afternoon break. Gets everyone out of that lunch hangover and ready to finish the day. But also was cool teambuilding. Need to get back in that habit even with WFH to just get some fresh air.

Thanks everyone!

Been AFK for a few days, so congrats from me too, Stele! Glad you nailed the landing.

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Thanks for all the support everyone. Starting Tues after Memorial Day. So anybody wants to play some games let's hit it for the next 12 days.

Booya. Awesome to hear.


Congratulations, Stele!

Congrats, Stele!

I'm on easy street and I'm waiting for the jig to be up. I've progressively shed responsibilities off my plate over the last 1-2 years. Some of these are initiatives that have naturally run their course but others are shifts in ownership due to restructuring (as well as me being more than happy to wash my hands clean of certain responsibilities).

I'm now only overseeing 2 core areas for our project team, one of which I can do almost in autopilot 80% of the time. The second thing is an area of growth for me, which is nice, but due to restructuring and shifting priorities and the big slow wheels of bureaucracy turning, there's a fair bit of ambiguity and sometimes I'm stuck in a holding pattern. Meanwhile it seems like many of my colleagues are working their tails off.

There is a silver lining in that my manager has been incredibly supportive with giving me time off to handle my personal problems. The last 2.5 months has been some of the most stressful in my 45+ years on this planet. I've essentially acted as a part-time project manager for our home repairs following a water leak incident. My parents' health has been ailing with both of them taking turns with lengthy hospital stays since early April, so I've also been a part-time care manager for them. Then I got hit with the Covid which knocked my wife and I out for close to 2 weeks. So let's just say I've been taking a lot of unscheduled time off of work as well. My focus definitely hasn't been there. and I feel like I've just been hanging in there with the charade.

I've been "acting my wage" for the last 18 months in a job that pays half what my last two jobs did but is virtually stress free and has great flexibility meaning I hit all my KPI's about 2 weeks into each month and have effectively set it up so I only have to work part time.

I started this job after burning out at the last job doing 60+ hour weeks managing 150 staff.

My boss knows I've previously done her Boss' job before and just leaves me to it because I've made it clear if I wanted more responsibility and stress I'd expect the pay to go with it and the money isn't the most important thing for me.

My boss has to go have surgery so next month I'm on a secondment running national operations for my unit as well as still doing my day to day job.

I think it will be okay, but if I'm honest I'm still a little gun shy about getting back into management and having it affect my health and relationships again. It's only for the month though, so is a good opportunity to test the waters.

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into management and having it affect my health and relationships again.

This is such a useful perspective. Stealing it!

I've been in management in my office for the last year and a half or so, and I go through stretches of liking it and stretches of not being very into it. The thing that drew me into management was an ability to mentor some of the younger, newer attorneys in my office, and I love it when I actually get to do that rather than focus on administrative issues. This past week -- and Friday, in particular -- was great. We finished up a trial and one of the people I was supervising gave a closing argument, which we had run through a couple of times, and she did a great job incorporating feedback, tighening it up and making it more focused. Days like that definitely make me happy to be doing what I'm doing.

I've always loved the coaching and mentoring and it's nice when you hear your words coming out of others mouths and you know they've been taking on board the lessons you've been imparting

100% it's the getting bogged down in admin and busy work and not having time to do the Real job because you have to spend all your time reporting on how you're doing the job instead that grinds you down.

Lost my job. As it turns out, when the director who hired you to be the first ever data analyst at a public housing agency to make it a high-efficiency housing agency leaves six months after he started the job (and three after I got hired), it puts your job in jeopardy.

And when the new director doesn't know why public housing needs a data analyst, it kinda signals the end.

I am surprised I lasted as long as I did.

Aww damn that stinks.

Try usajobs if you haven't already, since you have public service experience already.

If too many USAjobs openings want a security clearance, and you don't happen to have that, check your state/locals. Cities, counties and state agencies are very hungry for anyone with demonstrable skills in visualization through analysis. Some areas in particular:

Cannabis/liquor control
Education (esp geography skills)
Mental health
Social services, which you already clearly know, including youth/family thru aging

Most jurisdictions also have a spot that deals with public/private efforts, like a department of commerce. Those places love data analysis skill sets because they typically need to prove a biz case for doing a thing (cleaning up the environment, enhancing downtown, studying a cross-jurisdiction travel effort, etc).

Every company wants data analysts these days, especially the government(s). Might even get a raise and better bennies in the process. Good luck!

I actually have public trust clearance. Thanks for the tips!

I hate my job, except when a discussion goes something like this:

SOMEONE ELSE: bobbywatson, do you know how X or Y happens?
ME: Yes, and I reversed engineered the function that does it back in 2019, here's the link on the wiki.

Good to know that everything I did five years ago has been completely wiped off of corporate memory!

I’ve been sitting in the hallway running out the battery on my phone for over three hours now because the building’s HVAC went down, which also flooded my workspace with xylene and formalin fumes. This is the third time in the last month this has happened.


I don't terribly enjoy job hunting. The process itself is fine (though being ADHD-esque makes it harder than necessary), but it's annoying.

All that to say, if anybody needs or is aware of somebody that needs a software development director/senior manager type, either remote or on the Canadian East coast, I'd be much obliged if y'all would let me know.

My contract was set to expire soon, and I wasn't sure if it was going to be extended. Well, I got the answer this week: It won't be, so I will find myself unemployed in two weeks.

On the one hand, I was getting money.

On the other hand, I hated the job, and the task volume was entirely insufficient. I've been twiddling my thumbs for quite a while. The fact that my contract is ending is perfectly justified, and I don't think it's a reflection of my performance. (Especially since most of the other contractors on the project are also being let go.)

The situation is not as bad as it could be: I won't have to panic about money for quite a while (I'm a big saver and I'm usually very thrifty, so I have a good amount of cash in reserve), and it's summer, which means I'll have all the time I want to enjoy the fine Ottawa weather. If I don't find anything until next year, that's fine. It might be time for me to finally boot Red Dead Redemption 2. I also made a list of projects to keep me busy, and it's already way longer than it should.

So, yeah, kind of a mixed bag?

Anyway, if you're in the Ottawa area and need a senior SAP ABAP developer, let me know! (I would prefer contracts, but I'm open to full time positions.)

Sorry and good luck