WOW- BHA guild offer and info

So BHA still going strong? Friend and I are looking to jump back in but we are playing casual as a father of 4 and father of 2 can play.

The guild is still around. If you just need a home to park your toons, BHA can be that home.

Hoping you guys are still around came across y'all in the guild finder and was like this guild looks like a good fit. I work in emergency services so my free time can get a bit chaotic but when I'm free I'm down to grind or help out in anyway that I can. Side note I'm a returnee after 6 years and I'm finding that a lot of things have changed so I could use some help haha.

Heya Med. You're welcome to join up -- the GWJ Alliance guild is on the Blackhand server -- but there's not much guild activity at the moment. It's usually one of my toons and maybe a second on at any given time.