Canada has lost the per vote subsidy

AndrewA wrote:

Perhaps the Liberals, Greens, and NDP should take a page out of the CPC playbook and do some serious grassroots fundraising.... just a thought.

It's not like any party was relying entirely on the subsidy while it was in effect, the NDP has already claimed that they won't be hurt much by the loss, and I doubt the Green party would still even exist if the entirety of its funding came from the their meager share of the subsidy. I mean, consider the numbers: if 0.2% of a party's voters contributed the full $1000, they'd match the amount gained from the subsidy. If another 2% of the voters chipped in $100 each, that's already double what the party would earn at $2/vote. I know we have some dumb politicians, but I'm pretty sure the majority of them can figure out that $1000/person is a lot more than $2/person.

The subsidy was never a valid alternative to fundraising but it was a nice, impartial bonus that reflected how a party actually did in the polls. Taking it away just seems petty.

I think it disproportionately effects the poor though. If you don't think $100 or even $1000 is a big deal then congratulations, you are doing well. There are a lot of poor people who cannot spare that much money.

Though small the subsidy did a little to offset that difference. I think it is just a subtle encouragement to court groups of individuals that could afford the contributions, and considering its small cost it seems sad to lose it.