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And the answer is mostly just a pile of money and a good system designed to take advantage of computers.

Or a radical simplification and a refocus on imagination. Look at the plethora of Powered By The Apocalypse derived systems, for example, which have a lot less crunch.

My thinking is the system itself doesn't really matter. As long as it's fun an engaging it could really be anything. The problem is reaching critical mass. Dnd had the war game community and game story community to boost their original expansion. Similar to stuff like magic the gathering. That environment doesn't really exist anymore. So it seems like for most new systems the majority of the players are leached off of dnd. Which is not a great strategy. So I have this, probable impossible/silly, idea of using computers to have a single player component to get players over the learning hump. Then add something akin to match making for shorter games. Then forums for full campaigns.

Mind you this should all be ignored with several pounds of salt. As it's mostly non-sense musing from late at night. If we want to get into real insanity. I'd talk about the random thought of mine of a system where everyone takes their turn at the same time...

master0, why the desire to "become the next D&D"?

Myself, I've got no desire to play D&D, but the huge range of other options means I don't have to.

It can be difficult to find a group open to trying new games, but it's certainly possible. I have a hope that with the likes of Critical Role creating their own games that there'll be a bit more awareness of things that aren't D&D growing.

And if the idea is to make millions... well, I just don't think that's going to happen. You can make a living in the RPG industry (I'm lucky to be one of those who does), but that's the most to reasonably hope for. Unless as you said, you have access to a few millions of development and marketing money to get you started, I suppose.

One more point: a good thing about RPG development is that you can do it with just time and effort, it doesn't require lots of capital.

I wrote and playtested Monster of the Week in evenings and regular game nights while working as a programmer and in between family responsibilities.
Of course, that takes time and effort (for me about 5 years), but the materials needed are just documents, dice, and maybe cards or play aids etc, so it's doable.

The hardest thing is to get folks to playtest with you (or better yet without you). Look for nearby cons or meetups offering a range of games, those are the places to find people open to trying new stuff.

I don't want the next dnd, but I would like it if those smaller games could have much bigger audience. We have dnd already we don't really need more of that. It just be nicer if there were other options with big enough followings that it would be easier to get into them. Or that they wouldn't just die in a year or two. I'm not saying it's impossible now though just difficulty. Mostly I'm just pontificating some random thoughts I've been having.

Yeah, that makes sense. To me though, it seems like that is already how things are?

I mean, there are more great games out there than ever before right now. Everything from stuff individuals threw together on or drivethruRPG to incredibly great, high-production work like that coming from Fria Ligan, Rowan Rook & Decard, Chaosium, etc

I think this is where I point out that Savage Worlds is 20 years old and going stronger than ever. There are even official Rifts and Pathfinder ports. Not to mention Deadlands and a gaggle of other interesting first party settings.

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I'd like to run a little fun stuff for my friend and I think he'd like the idea of The Wild Beyond The Witchlight. for those that have run it, or even just read it (which I haven't), do you think it will translate to a solo adventure? Well, I'd probably have an NPC joining him, so more like an adventure for 2.

I'm good at tuning combat on the fly, but what little I read about this adventure, a lot of the adventure can be completed without physical combat.

I decided to just go for it and bought it.


Thought I'd cross-post this here from the silly purchases thread. MCDM just started the kickstarter for their new game. Picked up a copy as I'm a fan of there stuff. Very excited and really hope it does well.

Kickstarter Link

Cyberpunk Red has a humble bundle going on.