F1 2011 Catch-All

This is out in the U.S. now. I pre-ordered it and it unlocked on Steam last night. Good impressions so far. The driving model is still arcade focused, but it is fun, especially with the addition of KERS and DRS. It feels a lot like last years. This is pretty much a Madden-like update. I think over time we will see the improvements made since they are more subtle. I can already tell the AI is behaving themselves much better. But, in the end this is the equivalent of a hefty patch and that is it.

Major cons are that they still haven't fixed the stuttering on PC without doing this. Ridiculous that 6 games in for this engine and they STILL haven't fixed this! WTF? Also, it forgets my wheel settings anytime I exit so I have to go back and fix it every time. These are such easy problems to identify within 20 minutes of playing the game, I can't see how they miss it. Or, maybe they just consciously ignore it.

My recommendation is that you pick this up if you didn't get F1 2010 and want a great F1 game or you are just insane about owning every racing product out there(me).

Casual players, nothing to see here.