Toronto Goodjer Meetups

Sorry I was a no show, just ended up having alot going on that week and the budget didn't allow it. Ended up working out as I got sick on Friday to top it all off.

Will definitely try to make it out next time, glad you both enjoyed yourselves the location looked really neat.

I think we will try again maybe after the new year. It's definitely a fun hangout space. It did start to get busy around 9pm, and loud enough to make conversation more of a shouty affair. Lots of pinball machines, with only one having a sticky flipper, and then mostly retro arcade consoles along the other wall.

Enjoyed the Family Guy table, and the Spider Man one. Also they had an Asteroids console which was trippy.

I’ve heard good things about A-Game Cafe...

Linking so that next time these discussions happen it’s there to find.

Went back to ZED80 on a Saturday during all ages afternoon time. It was busy!

A few more of the pinball tables were out of commission this time, probably 5? kind of disappointing. I wonder what the maintenance is like on those things?

It does seem like they refresh the lineup every so often, because there were definitely different tables and stand up consoles than last time.

Would definitely like to go again, if anyone feels up for a night out.

That's too bad about the pinball tables, but I guess even if they're pretty sturdy they have to hold up to a lot.

I'm a bit of a mess these days (more so than usual!) but I'd be up for something, especially if other folks are coming out to join us.

I'm back in town and not leaving for a while so I'm down to clown at some point. Notwithstanding my usual flakiness.

Arise, Toronto goodjers! This isn’t really for a meet up since it’ll be some time before I’m back in the area (obviously), but my sister’s birthday is coming up, and I was hoping to fish for ideas that might support local places, maybe a really great bakery you know that does curbside pick up? Or a great restaurant that’s moved to pick up? Something I might be able to wrangle together online would be ideal, time zones being a thing. She’s got a car, and I don’t have a great knowledge of the area since they moved out of their apartment a stone’s throw from the CN tower, but I think... western areas would be easier? Don’t want to have her have to drive to the other side of town. Delivery would be neat.
Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks a bunch!! <3

Eeek, I should have looked at this sooner! Hope it's not too late!

You might be able to do like an Uber Eats or Door Dash type thing from a bakery. I don't know a lot of west end places but I can do some digging. Ironically my most of my favourite bakeries around my side of town (East York/Danforth/Leslieville) are French (Patisserie la Cigogne and Bonjour Brioche)

Message me if you want me to set something up for you, I'd be happy to help!

I've still got about a week, so I'm not late yet, heh. Thanks so much for those suggestions, those look SCRUMPTIOUS, and there are so many picks, I don't even know what to choose. But I definitely want to pick out a cake, at the very least. First off, I have to take a peek and see how manageable the driving is.
I'll message you later for more brainstorming, thanks, I really appreciate it!!

Edit: I am a moron, they deliver.

What kind of bakery are you looking for? Custom Cakes? Or a more general Fresh Bread/Pies/Pastries place?

If it's the former, I have friends who have ordered from The Grand Order of Divine Sweets on Queen West:

If it's the latter, I'm a big fan of Mabel's which is a local success story that has a few locations around town.

Well, I hadn't actually been looking for cakes or pastries specifically, initially, I was open to pretty much anything. I ended up getting a cake and pastries from La Cigogne and having them delivered, with my BIL in on it all. Like I told him, what I really wanted to get them was a nice meal, but I guess that will have to wait, maybe until I can visit, so I can babysit, and they can have an outing just the two of them.
Somewhere further down the line.

Thank you both!