Toronto Goodjer Meetups

I'm in. I want to meet local goodjers and I happen to have the weekend off leading into a week of vacation. Let the festivities begin!

I'd like to make it but the 15th isn't gonna work -- trapped with fiancee's family all weekend. Snakes and Lattes is just down the street from where I live. I've never been in but through the window it looks like good times.

The Judge can't make it on Saturday, but only Sunday. Not sure why he didn't come in and say so himself, but... whatever.

Anyway, I'm up for whatever you guys arrange, post noon (I'm watching Real Steel before noon).

I'm off all weekend, so either day works for me. Or both. Even if we just get together for beers, now that I know there's a lot of you around here I want to actually meet some of you.

Okay, we have a table reserved at C'est What for 2:30 in the afternoon. I booked for 8; I'll adjust numbers downwards on Saturday morning if we need to. The table's under my name: Jeff.

At the moment, I think we have 6 people confirmed for the 15th:


Anyone else available? Looks like there are another half-dozen around who can't make it that day, so we should definitely try something a little later when more of us can make it.

If you're on the list above and can't make it, please post and let me know by Saturday morning so I can confirm an accurate number of attendees. Alternatively, if you're not on the list and want to join us, please let me know - same timeline.

Looking forward to Saturday!

Oh, and having never been to C'est What for the purpose of playing board games... should we make sure to bring some? I've got a few that might serve - Red Dragon Inn is fast and easy, and I have Catan with the 5-6 player expansion. Anyone else care to bring anything?

C'est What? is c'est where?

edit: found it, King & Church. Looks like I'll be hitting the TTC tomorrow.

You guys go and have a blast. Make sure it's tons of fun so that we can have another one in a month or so.


It was pointed out to me by one of my colleagues that tomorrow, in addition to being IGWJD, is also the day when the protestors "Take Bay Street" in downtown Toronto. Their rally point seems to be Bay and King, and that's a good distance from C'est What, but honestly, I'm not sure if it's such a good idea to be travelling on the TTC tomorrow afternoon. Or in a car, for that matter. It's hard to figure out how many protestors to expect or just how volatile the situation could become - but after the G20 last summer I'm a little apprehensive about going anywhere near downtown Toronto tomorrow.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm not sure if meeting tomorrow at C'est What is such a great idea, much as I'd like to. Frankly, I'm not sure it's a good idea to meet anywhere south of Bloor Street tomorrow, if only because of potential transportation issues.


I have a hard time believing it's going to be anywhere near as bad as the G20. Driving, maybe, will be a little rough, but I'm betting the TTC will be fine.

In terms of bringing board games, I've got 7 Wonders (which scales up all the way to 7 players) and the base-set of Dominion that I can bring.

I'm with the cheese man, I don't think it will really disrupt service much, if at all. I doubt the subway will be a problem, and even the surface routes get slightly delayed, well, it's still only a short walk from King or Union.

I'll also second 7 Wonders, it scales well for more players, and since you only deal with the people sitting right next to you, it won't matter so much if can't see all the way to the other end of the table.

Alrighty. I'm content to brave it.

I will freely admit that I've totally been taken in by the braying of "Armaggedon!" in the local media.

And I've been super curious about 7 Wonders for quite some time, so I'm in favour. Also, I'm terrible at Dominion. That's not a condemnation, and I love to play it, but don't expect any kind of competition from me.

Turns out I'm going to have to crunch at work this weekend.

I won't be able to make 2:30 but would be able to meet later in the afternoon or early evening.

I agree that we probably won't see a significant disruption of the TTC, especially the subway. I'm a bit nervous about coming across on the streetcar, but I'm willing to take my chances. I'll aim to get there around 2:30.

cheese, do you have the expansion for 7 wonders and/or extra civ that was available as an exclusive? If not I can bring my copy of the game. I'm trying to think of what I can bring that will scale well. I think I might just bring some of the more portable games I own...though it's tempting to bring the fully loaded Thunderstone, I just don't know that I want to lug that sack of bricks across town particularly since I have to pass right through the center of the protest.

casktapper wrote:

cheese, do you have the expansion for 7 wonders and/or extra civ that was available as an exclusive? If not I can bring my copy of the game.

I have neither of those, so you should go ahead and bring your copy (of the whole game, I presume).

Really looking forward to this.

So sounds like we're at 5 confirmed, with Z_Z_R possibly joining us later, depending on how his afternoon at work goes.

Any ideas on how to handle the potential connection later on? Use the forum/PM? Phone?

Ok. I'll bring 7 Wonders and Innovation. Shouldn't be too bulky.

Folks can email me at my forum name if they need to get in touch, though I expect PMs will send emails that most will get on their phones.

Confirm for 6. I work at 67 King so I'll be right around the corner.

It looks like the protestors are settling in at St. James Park ... a block away from C'est What. Haven't seen any news warning people to avoid the area or discussing traffic delays.

I'm on my way

I'm heading out in a few minutes as well. In addition to Dominion I am bringing the four starter decks of Summoner Wars. It's a cute little 1v1 or 2v2 card game, sort of like Magic, but with pre-built decks and tactical combat (and cheap paper boards...). Don't know if we'll actually play it, but I've got the space to bring it and it's nice to have options.

See you all soon!

I have arrived. Eerily quiet on the streets near Brookfield, but better eerily quiet than angrily loud. They didn't get my reservation change, so there's a table for eight where I currently sit, alone with my beer.

Hope you guys had fun! Next year you should come the extra 8 hours to Cleveland and join us at PenguinCon.

Fun was had by all, I think - we were there for four or five hours, had several beers and snacks, and played a couple rounds of 7 Wonders. Excellent times, and talk of another meeting in the future for the benefit of those who couldn't make it this time around.

Thanks to all who came, and hope to see you again soon!

It was a lot of fun. I'm glad that everything came together. As soon as I synch my phone I can post the picture of the other half of the table.

...other half of one of the many tables, you mean.

I missed this thread originally because I was away on vacation in Vegas when it was started.

Sorry I missed the event but it has been a busy weekend.
I would be up for another get together in the future though (possibly closer to Mississauga next time?).

Don't have much to add here except to say that it was a very good time. Good company, good beer, good games, no disturbances due to protesters. Thanks, Feegle, for making the reservation, and we should do try to get one of these happening more often than once every couple years.

What? No pictures yet? How much beer did you guys have?

Good times gents. I would definitely be up for another in the not too distant future.