I'll show you a picture of myself if you show one of yours. Deal?

cartoonin wrote:

I thought this would be a good time to share what the ravages of the past 2 years have done to me and who the salt and pepper I am now sporting.



I was told by an angel that if you post your picture on the internet your soul will be taken and you will become a demon. This is why there are so many trolls and evil people on the net. The only way to return the lost soul and make them human gain is to say something nice about the picture they posted. The trick is that it has to be honest comment.

Be very careful what you put on the internet. If anyone wishes to donate to me I'm taking donations in bitcoins and NFT stickers. You could own a picture of me that will remind you of things not to do.

I would call BS but this is coming from Baron of Hell.