I'll show you a picture of myself if you show one of yours. Deal?

Malor wrote:

I was one of the Low Ping Bastards.

I was one of the many people who writhed with jealousy at your situation.

Oh hell yes!
I was screaming bloody murder at anyone with less than a 200 ping when playing online Quake

It was kind of awesome, being at 50 ping when most everyone else was 300+. I seriously cleaned up that year. It was like cheating, except I wasn't, so I only felt a little bad. Totally worth it.

It was amazing how fast DSL rolled out among the Counterstrikers, though. I think they had almost total broadband uptake within a year.... or at least the people who couldn't get broadband stopped playing.

(edit: and by 'broadband', I think I had something like 1Mb up/3Mb down. Still an enormous improvement over modems.)

I had the reverse, Malor. I was playing CS 1.3 with a 56k modem, and getting 0.5 k/d ratio. I got a cable modem, something like 2 mbs, and suddenly I was destroying with a 3+ k/d. I played on the same server that was like 60 miles from my house. They accused me of cheating and got really angry. I told them to look at my ping, and watch me play.

My ping went from 250 to 19.

Also, what thread is this? Oops.

Here, me in Paris, in the Louvre, 2 years ago...


Hey Roo!


Me, working from home. I think I have gotten more white hairs in this past year, thanks Pandemic!

So much grey in my beard....and crows feet...

cartoonin wrote:

Hey Roo!


Me, working from home. I think I have gotten more white hairs in this past year, thanks Pandemic!

If I had a second screen, I could pin this the next time we have time for Swamp adventures.

Though I kind of like people looking at my avatar and imagining my voice from there...

That's an avatar? Wow, deep fake technology knows no bounds!

How often do all four of us look at the camera AND smile at the same time? Answer: once every five years, so of course I framed it and put it up on our wall.



From a friend's birthday bar-b-que and acoustic jam session.

Took the wife out for a boat ride on the Yaquina, and she took a fun picture of me. I love the boat my dad and I built! So much fun even when you're not fishing.



A random on Twitter commented "Dilf" on this picture so I think that was a compliment? Not something I've been called before

Besides, I am very much NOT a dad.