I'll show you a picture of myself if you show one of yours. Deal?

Oh and thank you everyone.

New buffalo hat for tuffalobuffalo! It's like Patagonia made a line of hats just for me.


A very tired me playing Buffy the Vampire Slayer at the GWJ Suite at GenCon...




PaladinTom wrote:


Walter Whitewalker?

It's a Facebook GoT face app: https://www.facebook.com/fbcameraeff...

Hmm. I might have to shave my head and go as Walter White next Halloween...

He was cool before it was cool.

Oof.. I really need to run a flippin' brush through my hair every now and again

(not shown: cool Wonder Woman earrings I got for my birthday)

Also, been playing around with nail colours...


Okay, so if y'all are wondering about the name:


Old picture that came up on one of those Facebook things. Few years ago now, when I attended a street competition in Sydney.

Completely choked, landed maybe 2/10 tricks that I'd practiced over and over (I didn't actually intend on competing, but the unicycle community is so welcoming I couldn't say no). My signature was an outflip, a 180 degree spin of the unicycle with a crankflip thrown in. I came dead last, but had so much fun regardless.

The year before, I placed decently in the flatland and was the fastest Australian on a 20", so at least I have something to brag about.

Edit: 0:18 in this SUPER OLD video, I do a few. I figure it might be a bit hard to visualise as it's a...Unique sport. I filmed that way back in 2012! I look like a kid in that! All of 22 years.

I see two unicycles in that picture. Which one are you, the one with the pink shirted rider or the one with the blue shirted rider?

The one below the pink shirt rider

A_Unicycle wrote:

Edit: 0:18 in this SUPER OLD video, I do a few. I figure it might be a bit hard to visualise as it's a...Unique sport. I filmed that way back in 2012! I look like a kid in that! All of 22 years.

Oh, this needs to be imbeded properly for all to view!

Shout out to about 1:08 and the nutshot there. Beyond that good work! Unicycles seem beyond my ability! I'll stick to my biking on 2 wheels and my future midlife crisis reliving broken ankles on a skateboard.

You left us hanging right up until the end about whether the video would live up to its name.

At this stage in my life I think it's crazy to ride a bicycle without a helmet...

I will not go anywhere near a bicycle (or skates) without a helmet. I had an accident with a car not checking it's surroundings, knocking me straight on my head -- without the helmet, I would have been pretty badly injured. Even just day-to-day cycling, it's too easy to get caught up in the bike and topple over if something goes south. I'm pretty militant about it. Helmets are 100% necessary.

Fortunately, with a small unicycle you pretty much just step off if you lose balance. Unless I'm doing something involving a set of stairs or a significant drop, I typically won't wear a helmet. That changes when I'm on my 29" wheel, because it reaches speeds just above being able to jump and "run it out" if you slip. I had a pretty nasty fall where my shoelace got caught in the crank, meaning I couldn't do the normal "step off and catch". Helmet every time since then.

You're a brave lad, A_Unicycle; I've only ridden on footpaths in my local suburb in Sydney and it's pretty quiet on the roads there. Drivers are crazy here.

This last Friday was the first of three Halloween events this year at which my friend and I will be dressed as Jay and Silent Bob.

I'm dressed as Jay. My wig is too light-colored and a little too wavy (bought via Amazon), but it gets the job done. If I decide to be Jay again in the future, I'll go to a local store and get a wig that's straight and actually blonde, instead of almost white.


That's damn good.

My gawd, you two were perfect fits!

I dunno... it doesn't look like Goodbye Horses is playing.....

Wink_and_the_Gun wrote:

I dunno... it doesn't look like Goodbye Horses is playing..... :P

best scene in the entire movie.

Visted Westworld. I'm the one on the right.


Great pics guys!

I was an old man for Haloween


Also kitties like claws


Oh no! Not the cat! Whyyy!

(I love it! Simple, but effective.)

Hey! What's goin' on?

bighoppa wrote:

Hey! What's goin' on?

You appear to be one blond. You are not appropriately qualified to use that line.


That's one hell of a manscaping situation you've got going on o_O