What is your favourite book? (recent, or all time)


Lately I've been a little curious about goodjer demographics. We comprise a broad spectrum of humanity concentrated on the awesome wavelength and every one of us can have wildly differing tastes. I was considering making a couple threads like this, but then I figured we could make a catch all and lump them in together. When things start to slow, we can simply ask another question.

So for starters, what is your favourite colour? Be as specific as you wish. HARD MODE: No Black or White!

My favourite three in descending order, would be Cadmium Red, Polished Hematite and Metallic Gold.

My favourite pair of colours however would be Royal Purple and Metallic Gold.



Points to the first person who specifies a Games Workshop or Vallejo colour. Dork points that is.

Blue for me as well. Usually a deeper blue, but it doesn't matter really.

I've always been partial to green, particularly darker, richer shades. Purple runs a close second.

Purple here. Only not when applied to dinosaurs. Ugh.

Mantid wrote:

I've always been partial to green, particularly darker, richer shades.

I find bright green to be one of the hardest colours to look at. It just feels like my eyes are melting after a while.

I vaguely remember there being a scientific reason for this but I can't recall.

Green gives me a sour taste in my mouth

It used to be blue but I find as I age I am getting fonder of burnt orange.

Turquoise and other light and green blues.


This thread has the potential to be offensive to any color-blind Goodjers.



NO, yellow!

AAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHH (flung into the gorge of eternal peril)

Orange. I also enjoy a calm brown.

Used to be 'Dark Angel Green'.

Mann Co. Orange

"Peru", roughly HTML #CD853F depending on your monitor settings.

Cobalt blue

Blue for me too, of the Navy variety.


British Racing Green


Blue. Almost all of them. My absolute favourite is probably what Aaron D posted. Second favourite is forrest green. I think I'm influenced by my Vancouver surroundings.

nel e nel wrote:

British Racing Green

My second-favorite color.

(Great pic, too.)

Boobies. That's my favourite colour. Also, any colour that's spelled with superfluous U's.

Seriously though, baby blue or robin's egg blue.

Garnet and Gold

Vector wrote:

Second favourite is forrest green.

I liked Forrest in green too, but for most of the movie they dressed him in that horrid blue and white checked button down!

You spotted my gaffe!

Vector wrote:

You spotted my gaffe!

Somethin' jumped up an' bit you in the but-tocks.

Prussian blue, followed by slate blue.

Have you ever found a favourite colour within a video game? I remember playing the original Starcraft a lot and my favourite colour wasn't red, it was teal for team 3. The same one hero units used in the campaign. When SC2 came out I was disappointed they didn't keep it, I think team three is yellow now. Plus the team colours are all different now because the buildings have a glossy look to them.

I like really dark blue, or purple. So dark, that they're almost black.


The mid left part.