iPod Touch 4th gen home button issues

Ok, I tried finding a thread that had this already answered, but I was unsuccessful. I have a 4th gen iPod touch and the home button is not working well (I have to press it really hard for it to work, and sometimes it reads that as pressing it twice). I had the same problem with my 1st gen iPod touch.

I have tried looking up videos on youtube to fix this, but almost all of them either are focused on replacing the screen, ghetto fixing it by gluing old cell phone parts to the button, or other such stuff. I suspect that it's just dirty (or at least that's what I am hoping because I listen to my ipod when mowing the lawn and a lot of dust gets kicked up).

The local mac repair wants me to pay 50 bucks to diagnose it, and as high as 80 bucks to replace the button (diagnosis included). I would rather not jailbreak the ipod if possible, I saw multiple options to do that and switch what the other buttons do (in particular pressing both volume buttons to get the same functionality). Any suggestions? Even a link to the right youtube video would be great. I just couldn't find anything that seemed to fit my situation.

I don't suppose there's an Apple Store nearby? Alternately, I'm sure you could send it to Apple for repair if you could be without it for a while.