Puzzle Pirates Catch-All

Puzzle Pirates has made its triumphant arrival on Steam and I know there are goodjers out there playing it, therefore: NEW THREAD! For those who don't know, Puzzle Pirates is a free to play game that takes place in a persistent online world in which players (pirates) populate islands scattered across a vast ocean, procure ships and generally slug it out with each other in a variety of mission types. The game is fairly old and the graphics are very basic, so it can be run on virtually any surviving computer you might have. Almost every function in the game is controlled by a puzzle- whether it be ship functions, labor or battle. Team work is key in some of these missions, so finding each other online would be awesome!

Here are the current players I know of so far: (Forum name - Pirate name - Server)

Mixolyde - Mixolyde - Veridian
Dr_Awkward - Casisto - Veridian
Amoebic - Amoebic - Veridian
Tamren - Tamren - Veridian
Syndicatedragon -Syndicatedra - Veridian
Liquidmantis - Liquidmantis - Veridian

Subscribing to the thread and adding that this is a great game for families that want to play together.

Puzzle fan here. Will check out.

If you have ever played and enjoyed: Bejewled, Bejewled Twist, Super Puzzle Fighter, Bust A Move, Puzzle Quest, Pipe arranging games, etc, you should really check out this game. The sheer variety of puzzles and styles in this game is terrific, and they're constantly adding new games for various activities.

Lol, looks like my current crew is falling apart a bit. Found out Drakoding is 14 years old, and as such can only command so much respect... XD

Ah well, I got to use their sloops for awhile, which got me over the new pirate poverty hump until I bought my Fanchuan. Having goodgers on my hearty list is the only important thing anyway.

Let me know where you end up.

Mixolyde wrote:

Let me know where you end up.

I'm gonna jump on with Fiddler's Green, but I'd still suggest relying heavily on the Hearty list alone. I don't wanna drag people around from crew to crew, especially if they're just hoppin' on for the occasional puzzle fix.

Mwahahaha, bagged a Kraken's blood on my pilly today. Sold it for twenty-something thousand PoE.

Is anyone on here still playing this game?

Nevermind. I logged in for a bit tonight and realized the more appropriate question is: is anyone anywhere still playing this game?

I had fun with it for awhile, but then, very abruptly, realized I was tired of it, and stopped.

Played it for a while a long time ago (back when there was just one ocean), and realized there was a very basic flaw. Its an MMO, except, when doing the puzzles, you can't stop and chat. Which meant I was spending most of my time ignoring the MMO part. Just didn't work for me.