NFL 2011 Week 2


Week 1 is notoriously the craziest week of the NFL season outside of the wild card round of the playoffs, where everything can and will happen and with a lot of stuff going on that no one could predict (*cough*Cam Newton*cough*). Anyway, on to the highlights:

Saints 34 - Packers 42: Well, at least we knew going in that this was going to be a high scoring affair and the past two winners of the Lombardi trophy didn't disappoint. On the other hand, New Orleans fans might be a little disappointed with the failed play to Mark Ingraham to end the game.

Falcons 12 - Bears 30: Bachelorhood appears to agree with Jay Cutler and Chicago's defense clearly didn't agree with Matt Ryan. Comparison's between Ryan and Joe Flacco will probably be made throughout their careers, but one obviously has the edge at the moment.

Bengals 27 - Browns 17: I bet the fans of Cincinnati were planning on going to Carson Palmer's house to forcefully drag him out of retirement when Andy Dalton went down. But, as Oakland fans have learned, Bruce Gradkowski isn't that bad of a back-up.

Bills 41 - Chiefs 7: Oh boy, I don't know who's going to be more insufferable: Chris Berman crowing about Buffalo's win or Todd Haley whining about the loss.

Eagles 31 - Rams 13: No, I refuse to call Philadelphia the "Dream Team." There was only one Dream Team, who played an entirely different sport almost twenty years ago. Oh, and the injuries to St. Louis have to be discouraging.

Lions 27 - Buccaneers 20: Pundits have claimed that this game will determine who is the up-and-coming team in the NFC. Who had money on Detroit?

Titans 14 - Jaguars 16: New eras for both teams at the QB position, but there's still one constant: Maurice Jones-Drew.

Steelers 7 - Ravens 35: Statistically speaking, teams who played in the Super Bowl have an off year the following season, the loser more so. That said, this is something else.

Colts 7 - Texans 34: At least Indy has an excuse over Pittsburgh: their starting quarterback is out. Houston must be feeling like Lex Luthor whenever Superman decides to go on vacation.

Panthers 21 - Cardinals 28: Cam Newton! Man, if he played for a team other than Carolina, he'd be unstoppable.

Vikings 17 - Chargers 24: San Diego fans must cringe any time their special teams take the field. Minnesota fans must cringe whenever their quarterback du jour drops back to pass.

Seahawks 17 - 49ers 33: I think Jim Harbaugh has the 49ers offense figured out, actually: don't put Alex Smith in a position to lose the game. The second coming of Ted Ginn, Jr. helped, too.

Giants 14 - Redskins 28: While it was a happy day for Jack Harbaugh, Archie Manning's probably going to want to watch the season with his hands over his eyes.

Cowboys 24 - Jets 27: Hey, look! Tony Romo blew it again!

Patriots 38 - Dolphins 24: Chad Henne looked good, but Tom Brady looked better. That was likely due to Miami's D getting dragged up and down the field over and over again by New England.

Raiders 23 - Broncos 20: Oakland defeats another AFC West opponent and hasn't lost to anyone within their division since 2009. Well, if I wasn't dog-ass tired at the end of the game, you still could have knocked me over with a feather. Nah, just kidding.

Pick'em! Week 2: Not bad, folks, not bad. As I mentioned in the post-lockout thread, I'm running the office pick'em pool for my mother's office. The employee with a perfect score for Week One? An immigrant from Burma who proclaims to have zero football knowledge. Ignorance is bliss. Anyway, here are the results from last week, grouped by record and then by the order in which you entered-ish:

My record: 4-1

Your guys' record:

Enix: 5-0

Elliottx: 4-1
TheGameguru: 4-1
Nightmare: 4-1
Lars: 4-1
Minase: [email protected]

garion333: 3-2
iaintgotnopants: 3-2
jowner: 3-2*
boogle: 3-2*
*Legion*: 3-2*
oldmanscene24: 3-2

MilkmanDanimal: 2-3
Landshrk83: 2-3
bighoppa: 2-3
Kush15: 2-3
LeapingGnome: 2-3
Coolbeans: 2-3+
Jayhawker: 2-3+
Xeknos: [email protected]

Gumbie: 1-4

* = I'm calling you out for not bolding your entries like I asked you to.

+ = Coolbeans didn't have a tiebreaker and Jayhawker jumped in too late for Saints v. Packers, so I'm giving you both losses just so the game total matches everyone else.

@ = You two are only at the bottom of your respective sections because you had the Monday night games as your wild card and I was too tired to go back and reorganize things in chronological order.

Congrats to Enix for having a perfect week. Are you secretly Burmese? Anyways, here are the mandatory games for this week:

Chiefs at Lions: That was a bad loss for Kansas City. Can they turn it around in Detroit? Lions.

Buccaneers at Vikings: Tampa Bay can still make noise in the NFC South while Minnesota's defense was one of the few things that they got right. Barring the Bucs' kicker getting injured, I'm leaning towards the Buccaneers.

Chargers at Patriots: Oh good grief. The only way you'd pick San Diego at this point is if you're on the bottom looking up. Patriots

Rams at Giants: Iffy fingers for Sam Bradford and iffy everything else for Eli Manning. Oh, and Steven Jackson's hurt. And Tony Amendola. Giants.

As for my wild card pick, I'm going with 49ers over the Cowboys. Am I homering? Probably, but if Ted Ginn, Jr. won't burn Dallas, then a facepalm play by Tony Romo will. Remember, (*cough*boogle*cough*), bold your picks for winners to make it easier for me to sort out when I do the tally.

Enjoy the week, folks.

Lions. I like em this year. Their offense can probably put up more points than their secondary allows.

Bucs. God, Minnesota looked like the Raiders usually do.

Patriots. At home. No way I'd pick against them unless they have to face Ray Rice and Terrel Suggs (3 sacks last week, btw).

Giants. Heartbreaking start to the season for St. Louis. I think you meant Danny Amendola, RB.

Wild card: Panthers over the Packers. Just kidding. Browns over the Colts. I know that seems really safe considering how poorly the Colts played, but there's problems with both teams and I just want to root for the Browns for one week.

Posting from my phone so f*ck bolding.

For my wildcard I'll go with Baltimore over Tennessee.

The anti bolding guerillas who previously worked with the dictator ratboy on a certain failed podcast will never stop!
Sic semper tyrannasaurus!

Chiefs at Lions: I don't think the Chiefs are as bad as Buffalo made them look, but I think the Lions are still better.

Buccaneers at Vikings: Tampa Bay knows they need to beat the teams with question marks over them, cause there are not enough easy wins on their schedule.

Chargers at Patriots: The secondary better step up a bit, cause Philip Rivers is an upgrade from Chad Henne. I still think Brady will win it at home, though. Patriots.

Rams at Giants: I would much rather see the Rams take this one, but I just don't have much faith in them. Giants.

Wildcard: Seahawks at Steelers - No way the Steelers look that bad at home.

Chiefs over Lions. I usually expect embarrassed teams to bounce back the following week, and you know Haley is going to ratchet it up a notch this week after the blowback from such a bad performance following his over-easy camp.

Buccaneers over Vikings. So that's why the Shanahans were so eager to boot McNabb from their team (did anyone see if McNabb was wearing a wristband this week?). On the other side, Milkman's boy Josh Freeman wasn't as good as he should have been last week. He'll fix that.

Patriots over Chargers. Would have been interesting to see if Tolbert could run against the Pats D, but he may be out this week (sucks for my GWJFFL1 team). Still, I think this game will be a lot closer than people expect after New England's offensive bonanza against Miami.

Giants over Rams. I don't have any great faith in the Giants. Kind of wanted to pick the Rams for the upset, but Steven Jackson being out is tough. Cadillac Williams has some big shoes to fill, and he's not the kind of inside runner that Jackson is, which would be useful for slowing down a speedy attacking defense like the G-Men.

Saints over Bears. Bring on the air show! There's going to be a lot of balls flying through the air in this one. Even with a depleted group, the Saints receiving core is still superior to the one in Chicago.

Rat Boy wrote:

Tony Amendola

garion333 wrote:

I think you meant Danny Amendola, RB.

No, he meant Tony Almeida.


Interesting use of bold, Legion.

Chiefs at Lions: Lions should walk in this one. Megatron with no Eric Berry to help? Yeah, that's not good. I mean, the Chiefs have a nice pair of young corners, but they don't have the size to slow him down.

Buccaneers at Vikings: The Bucs safeties aren't great, but thankly they are not playing against a team that can pass the ball.

Chargers at Patriots: I would love to pick the Bolts, but the way Brady looked last week, I'm not betting against the Patriots

Rams at Giants: I hate the G-Men. Let's go Rams. Word is Bradford should be fine to play, and the Giants are the walking wounded.

Lions over Chiefs. I buy the Lions until the injuries start, this is not a team with depth. They also didn't run the ball that well against a Tampa run defense which sucked last year and, well, looks to suck this year. The Chiefs are like Tampa in the sense they benefited from an easy schedule last year to pile up wins, but they aren't like Tampa in they have injuries, Todd Haley being a constant douchebag, and Matt Cassel, who is no . . . never mind.

Buccaneers at Vikings. If you watch this game and see a long-haired guy in a red #20 jersey behind the Bucs bench in row three at the 40, feel free to flip me off. I don't care. Fun fact from Football Outsiders: Freeman had 41 attempts this Sunday, and his average yards to go was 7.7 yards. I will never understand how the Bucs' coaching staff can call games so well in the second half and so badly in the first, they flounder and then suddenly improve. Running the ball right at Suh on first down, not such a good idea. Also, I very much appreciate the lack of Kevin William this weekend.

Patriots over Chargers. At this point, I would pick the Pats every week. My son argued last night about going to bed; it was after 9 on a school night. I told him he could finish the current drive, and then had to go up. He stomped off, all angry, and the next play was a 99 yard TD pass. I'm a bad human being.

Rams over Giants. The Giants just have too many injuries, and Cadillac Williams is still effective enough, particularly in the short passing game.

Wildcard, Steelers over Seahawks. By about 30.

Am I Burmese? Nope. Just a perfect 5-0.

Chiefs at Lions

Buccaneers at Vikings

Chargers at Patriots

Rams at Giants

Wild card game: Packers at Panthers. The Cam Newton bandwagon got awfully crowded this week, but a lot of folks will be falling off of it after he goes 12-for-30 with 3 INTs. I think Cam has some more 300+ yard games in him this season, but not this week.

Also, Jon Beason is on IR. Dan Connor is an OK backup, but the Panthers were looking shaky on D against Kevin Kolb, and Connor can't cover the middle of the field like Beason did.

MilkmanDanimal wrote:

Wildcard, Steelers over Seahawks. By about 30.

Whew. As a joke my wild card was going to be "the opposite of whatever Milkman takes." Glad I didn't go that route.

What, no caption contest? You think I come here for the conversation? Well, I do, but I want funny pics, too.


Ravens over Titans

lostlobster wrote:

What, no caption contest? You think I come here for the conversation? Well, I do, but I want funny pics, too.

How about this sweet pic of Janikowski after his record-tying field goal?


"We're all going to Applebees!"

You don't get to be in these threads, Mr. I-Don't-Participate-In-The-Football-Chatter-Anymore.



*Legion* wrote:

You don't get to be in these threads, Mr. I-Don't-Participate-In-The-Football-Chatter-Anymore.

That saddest part is that while I don't have cable and I don't have time to do fantasy football, I still check and watch highlights. It's like a soap opera now. I like seeing what you guys have to say about the games about as much as watching them.

How's that football podcast coming? What, not enough time?





The best of KSK's weekly NFL LOL:


The rest of 'em

mudbunny wrote:



Oh. My. God.

How's that football podcast coming? What, not enough time?


Certis wrote:

How's that football podcast coming? What, not enough time?

Our target audience started meditating and eating granola and sh*t.

Chiefs at Lions: This one is over by the end of the first quarter.
Buccaneers at Vikings: Vikings get it back together at home.
Chargers at Patriots: I don't expect Brady to have the same kind of game against the Bolts, but he still comes out on top.
Rams at Giants: Tough one, but I think the Giants squeak this one out.

Buffalo over Oakland



Jacksonville over NYJ


My tiebreaker is Packers over the Panthers.

Certis wrote:
lostlobster wrote:

What, no caption contest? You think I come here for the conversation? Well, I do, but I want funny pics, too.

How about this sweet pic of Janikowski after his record-tying field goal?


"Maybe my teammates will treat me like a real athlete now!"

lostlobster wrote:
Certis wrote:
lostlobster wrote:

What, no caption contest? You think I come here for the conversation? Well, I do, but I want funny pics, too.

How about this sweet pic of Janikowski after his record-tying field goal?


"Maybe my team mates will treat me like a real athlete now!"

I doubt that. When they cut to him after the kick he was chilling there putting in a big glob of chew. Well, at least he wasn't smoking.

It was dip. Chew is redman pouches, that was a can of copenhagen.
That's dip (placed just behind your bottom lip). Chew is leaves of tobacco with syrup added in a pouch that you have to actively chew to release the nicotene.
Basically, seabass was doing the more white trash version. Also, I will trade for seabass in any ff league for him based on this.


Zat iz why you pick kicker first round!

Paleocon wrote:
mudbunny wrote:


Zat iz why you pick kicker first round!

+1 for the accent