GWJ Madden 2012 League Season 1 (XBOX 360)


onewild wrote:

To be fair to Spy, he did say that he is willing to wait till the end of the season. And nobody has said he can come straight into the playoffs. Personally I would prefer it if he waited till the start of next season, although the chances of it directly affecting me are slim since the only chance to meet him would be in the Super Bowl, I'm willing to go along with any decisions, Leroyog should get the biggest say in the matter.

Concur with onewild here, i said essentially the same in my previous post I have no problem waiting as mentioned before. I mentioned the Saints because they were from the Division I started in. ALC nearly every post you make is combative and confrontational and I will be honest is one of the reasons why I left the league. (ex. Your exchange with Leroy and the one regarding me coming back in). There was no vote and I specifically said I'd wait because I hadn't slogged through the season. Frankly, I would have made the playoffs because there is only one other AI player in the NFC. As Forrest Gump would say, "That's all I have to say about that". Commish, rather than incite any additional angst I will wait on the results of Leroy vs. AFC Champ.

Thats cool spy. If you can best me with tb, the saints should be no different

I appreciate that Spy. The league rolls at midnight tomorrow to week 17. I hope to blow through these last 5 weeks (should only take us 2 weeks top). I will toss you an invite Superbowl week and you can rejoin as whoever that way you can take part in the draft.

Denver locks in the AFC first seed and secures home field advantage with a 63-10 win over the Chiefs. Chiefs couldnt convert a 3rd down for anything going 3-15. Charles is a great hb but he cant do it on his own.

Game played. The Browns fair better than in their last appearence. However they still lose out to the Steelers, even despite slowing down the ground game in the 1st half.
Steelers mix up the running game in the second, as 3 different players have 100+ games. See you all in the playoffs

Week17 is here. We all have in divisions games. Just like the regular season , changes are still possible to the playoff picture. Good luck everyone. I hope to see us finish early and move on to the Wild Card round.

Titans @Texans WillNick
Cheifs @ Broncos Zellbrigen
Bills Ihaida @ Patriots
Steelers Onewild @ Browns
Chargers ALC @ Raiders
Lions LeroyOG @ Packers

Playoff standings (X-Playoffs, Y-Division, Z-Conf)

Z-Broncos 14-2
Y-Steelers 13-3
Y-Bills 11-4
Y-Colts 10-5
X-Chargers 12-3
X-Ravens 11-4

Z-Eagles 13-2
Lions 9-6
Buccaneers 9-6
49's 6-9
Cowboys 9-6
Redskins 9-6

Game play between the chargers and the raiders. Hard fought battle between these 2 teams and very well play game. Final score chargers 30 raiders 14. Peace ALC

I tried to play my game a few times and it locks on the loading screen. I'm going to try again tonight.

any luck leroy? You are the last to play

No. Go ahead and roll it. I'm heading to bed

Alright Gentlemen. We are in the playoffs. Good luck to everyone. We all have CPU's this week so lets blow through it. You got til Monday night. New Topic is up. Post on there.