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Slay the Spire is on mobile now and, uh, none of the other games like it are quite as good imho. So that's what I've been playing.

And I'm apparently part the stage where Kairosoft is fun to play. The UI and underlying tech is so ancient and gets in the way of my enjoyment. It's a shame.

Oh when did that happen?

I still probably won't buy again since I have beat it with every character on Switch (and a few heart kills), and not sure I have the desire to chase ascensions.

I've never really been able to get into Kairosoft games, they always felt like cute - but simple idle/clickers. Are their new games deeper?

garion333 wrote:

Slay the Spire is on mobile now and, uh, none of the other games like it are quite as good imho. So that's what I've been playing.

FFS... Am I going to have to triple dip?

I did start playing meteorfall last week as it is another on play pass.

A_Unicycle wrote:

I've never really been able to get into Kairosoft games, they always felt like cute - but simple idle/clickers. Are their new games deeper?

From the games I've played so far: At a surface level? Negative. On a functional level? It depends. There's usually a level or two of nuance that can be safely ignored and the entire game brute-forced by just letting stuff grind levels or upgrading using the free resources you gain. I'm a sucker for idle/clicker games with a satisfying reward loop.
On Dungeon Village I love shepherding the little hero characters through every available class, creating absolute beasts of destruction. For example Mr. Bronson Schwartz has every stat from 8-10K (Luck is at 2K), and knows Fire, Ice, Lightning, Darkness, and Healing magic. He has 10+ levels in Adventurer, Farmer, Carpenter, Merchant, Treasure Hunter, Warrior, Rescue Squad, Mage, Hunter, Monk, Monster Tamer, Blacksmith, Cook, Scholar, Knight, Gunner, Viking, Summoner, Kung Fu Master, Butler, Wrestler, Ninja, Mercenary, Jester, Archmage, Royal Guard, High Priest, Musician, Druid, Mascot Suit, Sumo Wrestler, Aristocrat, Hero, and is currently at 6 levels of Kairobot.
Idle/Clicker is my jam though.

Edit: Oh! And he rides a level 32 Auray into battle. (Think shiny slime wearing a giant crown)

Edit2: So for the nuance side of things in Dungeon Village 2. Visitors to your city are locked behind trait requirements. Everything you do in your city imparts it with one or more traits. You can easily stumble over a few of these. Others require some figuring out and, I suspect, backtracking once you've unlocked facilities and events from other regions. Once you get a village to 5 stars out of 6 you have the ability to take a few of your heroes and start a new village in a different environment. You start on plains and I've unlocked Forest, Tropics, and Arctic so far. At least one more to go and from the clues I can sort of see through the fog of war I suspect it will be Candy or Flower land.

A_Unicycle wrote:

Hi folks, looking for some new recommendations. Browsing the Play Store is just not working out for me.

At work, I often have hour chunks of time where I've got little to do. Every 10-15 minutes I'll have to press a few buttons and then back to waiting. There's almost zero reception/mobile data in the room, because the MRI scanner messes with the signal.

Looking for some fun little offline portrait mode games to fiddle with. Happy to spend a few dollars. Has anyone played anything cool lately?

If you like logic/puzzle games, give these Frozax Games a try:
Tents and Trees
Grids of Thermometers
Starlight X-2

All have a good amount of free content and can be played portrait or landscape. A phone screen gets a little trickier on later levels as the grids get bigger.

If you're into board/card games, these all play in portrait:
7 Wonders Duel
Crimson Company
One Deck Dungeon
Imperial Settlers Roll & Write
Cartographers (Roll & Write)
Void Tyrant

Tents and Trees starts off so similar and simple, but the depth kept coming as I played. It's one of my favorite puzzle games of the past decade. Nothing flashy, but just does what it does right and is unique in doing so.

Excellent conversation here, very excited to dig into all of these! I'll check out that new Kairsoft game next pay


Crying suns, ticket to earth and slay the spire.
All good, and very friendly to a pause at a moments notice situation (turnn based or pauseable.

I...only just realised Ticket to Earth is not the same as the board game, Ticket To Ride.

I may have to look into it now!

And do I dare triple-dip on StS?

I subbed to Play Pass on a whim, and I gotta say...I'm not too sure about this one. It seems filled with a lot of trash. I've downloaded Ticken To Earth which I'm LOVING, and sorta poked around in a few more but nothing has really grabbed me.

I may just end up buying this game separately and ditching the subscription. How does everyone else feel about it?

I did pretty much the same thing, did the 1 month free, found a few games i liked and then bought them once the pass was gonna cost money. Ticket to eart was my top buy.

So I finished Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Origins. Taking ~5 and ~12 hours respectively.

Yeah I'm a big fan now. Origins has a cool elf theme and is probably my favourite of the 3 I've played (the other being Vengeance). I actually bought a few new heroes due to them currently being discounted! Origins has definitely been the hardest yet, but it always felt fair.

As much as I love Bloods TD 6, there's just something special about Kingdom Rush that I can't put my finger on. The heroes are nice, but it's not that. The towers all have their special uses, but it's not that either. I think it's ultimately just a combination of things that makes these games better than the sum of their parts.

I know I'm going completely out of order, but I'll probably dip into Frontiers next, then finish with Vengeance which I dropped 50% through to play the older games. I'm a little sad that I'm more than half way through now!

They also make Iron Marines which is pretty fun as well. Your heroes are basically mobile towers.

I'm enjoying Ticket to Earth this week. XCOM-like SRPG with sci-fi story. It has an unique movement system that builds up your attack by how many spaces you move, but also the 4 types of spaces power up your different skills.

So if you can move enough spaces you might build your attack to 15 and be able to take out this tough robot. But also if you just move on 5 purple eye tiles, you can use your ranged eye skill that does 15 damage to robotic enemies.

Just got a second character last night and the first mission with him was a huge difficulty spike, so maybe I don't grok the strategy as well as I thought hehe.

Seems like it's all solo battles so far. Not sure when/if my team will start fighting together. But pretty fun for $5, and it's also on the Play sub if you have it. I used some free credit so definitely getting my money's worth.

Radical Solitaire is free on Android. If you bought into the Social Justice bundle on you should have gotten a notification that the mobile version will be free for 8 days since the bundle was not allowed to generate keys.

It's Solitaire that's rad. When you get stuck you can play a mini game to get rad and swap in a different card. Rad!