LAN port has gone MIA

Hey so I've got a HP Touchsmart tm2 laptop and the wired port has gone MIA. It's not listed as an adapter or in the device manager if i download and run the only wired drivers from the HP website it says it can't detect the port. Is this a software glitch that can be fixed somehow or is this a dud hardware issue and I'm SOL it's still got Wi-Fi so not that huge of an issue but irritating.

Um, check Device Manager to see if you can see it listed there. It may be listed as 'malfunctioning' or 'unable to load driver' -- if so, it's probably failed. (right-click My Computer and click Manage on Win7, choose Device Manager in the left pane, and look through the devices in the computer in the main window.)

If you don't see it at all, try to get into your BIOS settings to see if it accidentally got turned off.

Oh, some laptops will have power switches for various things, like Bluetooth and LAN and wireless, to save battery power. If you have one for the LAN port, make sure it hasn't been turned off.

Got it, had to figure out how to get into BIOS on this HP laptop, first had to hit escape to bring up F key options then choose BIOS support, then BIOS settings. damn burying it three levels deep.

Checked all the settings only thing that looked appropriate was LAN power saving was enabled so disabled that and it's back...

Oh, there's probably a Windows setting that's turning it off when you're on battery or something.

It might also turn it off if there's no cable in it.... try re-enabling power saving, booting it up with a cable in the Ethernet port, and see if the driver installs.

Not really related, but I once thought for a weekend that my X61 Thinkpad's wireless card had spontaneously bit the dust. It happened while turning it around to show some friends a youtube video.

In fact, I had accidentally hit the hardware switch that's just below the spacebar, near the user and generally out of sight.

Sadly, I had already known about the switch, but I was busy entertaining all weekend and had neglected to remember it.