FF2011: Official GWJFFLK-specific discussion thread


Thread title edited to make it regular-season relevant.

Elliottx wrote:

Regarding us using ESPN for our test league. There is a player claim I just put into Fleaflicker(which will be processed on the 15th), I then put the claim into ESPN as well(which will be processed on the 9th). I'm a bit hesitate to put it in as it will reveal the player I'm trying to grab for next week thanks to the really long wait this week. Is the intent for the ESPN league just to show us these types of situations?

Feel free to not put it into ESPN at this time. After Monday, this shouldn't be as much of a problem. If you get the player, you can use LM powers to update budget and roster at that time.

I know that "double work" is going to be tedious but I appreciate everyone who's willing to give it a shot. Additionally, insight from those who are already familiar with ESPN is also appreciated.

For those who've been updating ESPN as well, thank you. Sincerely. But you can stop if you want to. I can't ask anyone to do something that I won't do myself and I find keeping both leagues in sync to be tedious. GWJFFLX is going to be hosted on ESPN this season so that will be the testbed. Thanks again.

I also epic failed at doing stuff on ESPN, but I am all in for the X-league.

I've got a QB I'd like to trade away. Looking for love in all the wrong places.

So put him on the trade block because I'm not sure which QB you're talking about.

Antonio Gates will now miss 2 games for the foot injury that he disclosed literally the day after I traded for him.

The Fantasy Football Gods are punishing me for breaking my 'thou shalt not trade' rule.