Recommend me a new Router

So I replaced the 2 old ASUS routers with U6+ AP's, in the garage I got a Ubiquiti Switch Lite for the PoE and insight into the devices (all other rooms are connected through UTP via there), and a TP Link PoE switch for our home office upstairs.

I had to factory reset the Switch Lite to get the adoption to work, but otherwise it all went super smooth. The AP's are not placed near or on the ceiling, but reception is excellent throughout the house. In a few years, when our girls might need more bandwith, and extra AP might be useful, but now it's so easy to have only one mesh network, no more reconnecting to a different network when moving up a floor! I was even able to finally disable the mediocre ISP wifi signal on the base router.

I only have to attach the downstairs AP to the wall, and then fiddle around with the settings some more (name devices, set up a Guest network, ...).