Got my new Work/Gaming Laptop from Malibal!

I picked up a Clevo P151HM1 from Malibal this week. Had it shipped to the parents while I was visiting them (to avoid shipping it outside the US). So far I really like it. This is my first chiclet keyboard and I am enjoying typing on it. The body of the laptop is also like nothing I've really felt before, it's a sort of matted plastic, not exactly rough but the opposite of a smooth or glossy plastic like on my previous Gateway laptop.

I'm just getting things installed, so hopefully I can try out the shiny new 560m soon. I am backing up my Steam copy of Deus Ex HR and copying that over at the moment. I already ran Furmark for about 20 minutes and it didn't go above 85 degrees C with sufficient airflow underneath.

As a nod to Malibal as well, they helped me out, and since I was a member on, they gave me a few discounts as well. There was some confusion about the glossy screen not being in stock, so I upgraded to the matte screen, and it shipped with a glossy one. But overall they were stand up guys, always replying to IM's at the forums and emails very quickly. I could pretty confidently recommend them, although if you are going to buy a custom laptop, nearly all of the well-known companies have great customer service.

Speaking of the screen, it is a 95% color gamut, and 1920x1080 screen. It is just awesome. A huge improvement over the screen I have in my Gateway P-6831FX, and I swapped that one out for a 1920x1200 screen. The pixel density at 15.6" now makes it pretty small fonts to read, but I'm used to it and I love having the screen real estate.

I might post some pictures up later, but there are plenty floating around the internet. All-in-all, a very happy customer. I officially welcome myself back to the world of high settings in games!