Minecraft Private Server help?

Minecraft Private Server.

Hello, I have a minecraft private server in the making, now I know a lot of people say "Mine is the best!" or what not but in all reality that is a matter of opinion. a friend told me if i explain mine here, I might get some people to help work on it or w/e, first of all, I am working on it on my home computer right now, I want it perfect before I release to the public, I am doing nearly everything myself for it, all I need help with is, people to make little portal like rooms around the spawn, you will be granted full admin access to do whatever you want/need.

What my server will have?

well my server will have portals to several worlds using multiverse an minecraft addon. that allows me to make/hook up several worlds to one, the spawn area will have several portals and what I will do is have the following locations.

1.) Zombie Mod area
2.) pvp area
3.) free build area
4.) vip build area
5.) possibly a freeze tag area, not sure yet.

and several out of order locations for future portals or what not. let me know what you think and I hope someone could help with the portal portion, as I wanted it to look decent, you all would be noted on the spawn wall as makers/helpers. whoever chooses to, when I release it.

I would do this myself, however I am busy bug testing the addons.