Boston, MA Area GwJr's

Taharka wrote:

Hey all, would anyone be interested in buying my Weird Al Yankovic Tour Ticket? I found out I can't make it that day.
It's on Sun Jul 21 7:30 PM-Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion - Boston, MA

Is it only one ticket?


I'm hosting a game of Two Rooms and a Boom by Jamaica Pond (pinebrook area) at noon on Saturday til three. Feel free to swing by if you wanna join in! I'll be the cat the in the German Shepard dog baseball hat on, probably running the game.

I'm reminded again that I go way too long checking in here. I have been running like a madman for the last 2 years and not keeping up with GWJ other than checking into the podcasts. I hope everyone here has been doing well.

Anyone have any ides for National GWJ day?

Hey folks - some of us in ye olde Slack channel are thinking about hanging out at my place in Somerville next Saturday for International GWJ Day. Probably some stretch during the afternoon; break out some board and video games and stream the festivities.

Anybody interested in dropping by for awhile?

(We've got parking, even!)

Not sure the most appropriate place to post this, but as part of our divorce we need to sell our Geek Chic table. It is huge, 4'x7' inside play area, 4'8", 7'8" overall. Has 8 draws each with a play surface built in and 8 detachable cup holders.

I figured I would start here and see if anyone local was interested or knew someone who might be.








PSA, folks - as per every year, we're doing our Extra Life shenanigans over at the CIC in Cambridge. The free, kid-friendly event runs from 1PM to 9PM; you can register here. Our stream page is over here, as per usual, if you'd like to watch remotely or chip in a couple of bucks. Again as per usual, we'll be streaming from 11AM Saturday to 11AM Sunday and it's gonna be a good time.

What's not usual is that this year we threw in with the GWJ team, so, uh, Eleima's gonna need to make that team goal bar a little longer...

If you drop by, look for the loud, redheaded guy on or behind a camera and say hi.

I wish I had known earlier, I woulda checked it out!