Otherland: mmo

From the Otherland books by Tad Williams

I almost stopped watching but halfway through it picked up and looked a bit more like i would imagine. Not sure what they're going with here though.

Looks pretty. I have to say, it's been so long since I read (the first few) books that I barely remember enough about them for the trailer to make sense. From what I remember, they seem to have hit the high points of what's in the books, but they didn't seem to do a very good job of explaining why you'd care if you *haven't* read the books. Other than "Look! Places! And look at all the different ways your avatar can look!" Maybe it will make more sense to people once you can get in and play and work through tutorials and such.

Cautiously pessimistic, I guess...

I can't help but think that all of the developed worlds will be a mile wide and an inch deep. It will be interesting what the sandbox portion turns out like.

I am cautious though because MMO's without a vision directing it are going to have a hard time retaining players other than ones that just like to f*ck around in the world. And those players tend to grief and chase away other players trying to do things constructive.

I actually read all the books, all 3 bajillion pages. I want to be optimistic about this, but I'm afraid it will just be a watered-down secondlife with some generic mmo tropes bolted on.

So this is actually happening?!?!?


Is it too much to hope for something good here?

Awwwwww.... now I'm a little sad. Thanks for the link though.

For those interested, there are free keys for the closed beta here http://www.f2p.com/otherland-closed-...

Grabbed a key and signed up. Waiting for activation now.

That sign up site seems really sketchy.... are we sure it's legit??

I use my junk email account for all those registrations, so I don't particularly care if it's not.

AndrewA wrote:

That sign up site seems really sketchy.... are we sure it's legit??

It is - The new developers posted it themselves on facebook.

Out of nowhere, it was announced today that Otherland launches on Steam Early Access on August 26th.

I spent a couple of hours in game tonight, long enough to get through the tutorial and starter zones and knock around the central hub city for awhile. You start off the game with one of the weird tron characters seen in all the trailers, but once you get to the hub city you can further customize your character in what appears to be pretty much any style imaginable, though it requires a secondary currency I haven't figured out how to accrue yet.

First impressions: this game looks gorgeous. The graphics aren't super cutting edge, but the art design is an amazing mashup of disparate genres. It's bright, loud, and busy. Sometimes too busy, but it just works.

Unfortunately, the gameplay is just okay. Not bad, just okay. A pretty standard take on the action-oriented skill based combat that Guild Wars 2, Wildstar, and half a dozen other recent MMO's do better. You have a basic weapon attack along with 10 hotkeys that you can slot special attacks and skills into. You can equip and switch between two different weapons at will, though each of the four classes are restricted to certain weapon types and so far there hasn't been much difference between any of the weapons I've acquired other than dps.

I'm going to keep playing, though. There seems to be a lot of potential here. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint.


Well, guess I'll give this a look see now.