Windows 7 full screen minimize bug thing

I've always had problems with Sleep mode. I've had display issues, sound issues, and fans that run at full blast nonstop after coming back from sleep. It takes a little longer but I now I switch all my power settings to hibernate instead of sleep. Not sure if that is an option for you, but that is what I what would do if you nail that down to be the issue.

Hi I'm new to this site and had the exact same problem as Fedora. If you have yet to solve this particular problem try doing a system restore (note: you do not need to return to factory settings.)Play your game in full screen, then when it minimizes try and spot the icon that briefly appears in your taskbar down bottom (or side or wherever). The program the icon is related to would likely need to be uninstalled. Also some programs that caused the problem for me were Power2Go, PowerISO, AVG, update.exe(s).

Step 1. Read through all instructions.

Step 2. Do a System Restore. The system restore may fix driver problems.

Step 3.Uninstall the listed programs after your system restore.
Any programs begging for signups such as MyPcBackUp
CCleaner is a free easy to use tool for this as well as for helping with the computer registry and so far completely safe.

Step 4.Use ms config (can be found using search bar in start menu etc.) to disable update services (install shield etc.)

Note: Before uninstalling programs try to hide notifications using msconfig instead.

Step 5. If after all this your full screen game still minimizes, try restarting your pc to apply the settings.

Step 6. If this worked, skip to Step 8. If this didn't work, search the web for other known problems relating to this topic. Preferably ones , involving your system drivers.

Step 7. Check that your game is working consistently for about 1hour (although I tested this for half.) If the problem still persist ask , someone else for help and search the net. I am not a tech head, but this worked for me.

Step 8. Enjoy your game. Hope my first post was helpful. Add me on facebook. [Kereama Boult], Email: [email protected] I will try to , solve your future problems.