PAX PRIME: GWJ S&T Dinner (updated srsly!!)


We've got a slight problem. I finally got an email back from their reservations person and she's saying that a party our size would require a down payment for the space. Certis, you did the reservation last year, right? Could you PM me? Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way here. Or maybe, we might have to just find a new place. She also mentioned that weekend there's a big show at the 5th Ave Theater and they are expecting it to be busy.

edit: If we have to look for another place; seattlites any suggestions?

Card Kingdom is big and has a cafe attached to it. It's quite awesome but it's in Ballard.

My brother and I will both be there like last year, it was great, a much needed break to look forward to.

Part of the problem might be that PAX isn't on Labor Day weekend this year. Maybe that's why the restaurant is having an issue.

Usually that's a better thing if its not on a major holiday though. I think that its just that their policy has changed regarding party size and reservation. I will wait to see what she says since I told her i wasn't looking to cater this and more to do separate checks and off the menu but if she says no I'll just keep looking for another place within walking distance (preferably) and if not i might contact that cafe edwin mentioned.

We did the Elephant and Castle one year, but their room is pretty small for the gang we have now. I don't know. We can look into the room at Kells, too.

They did get back to me finally. And unless we are willing to pay 30 a head for a catered meal costing about 1000 to rent out the room.... I am going to look around for another place as soon as i get off shift today. Sorry guys, Will update asap.

That sucks. Last year they just sectioned off one of their main seating areas for us and it was fine. What we used wasn't one of their private rooms. Maybe they don't like money?

I guess they don't. I'm still searching around. I'm just starting to tell people 50 people because its honestly easier to keep that goal and if we go over, just say "oops". ^^;

I'd like to attend, where ever it ends up

So I called Rock Bottom to see why they don't like making money and it's because there is a show at the theater that night and they don't want to take the risk that we might not show up and lose money from turning away theater visitors. If it was the next weekend, we could do what we did last year. They wanted $1500 for the dining room we were in last year or $600 ($100 for the room and $500 in food/drink) for the private dining room.

So I got us booked at Kells instead. It's a little bit farther than Rock Bottom, but we have the same setup as last year; they have a space for us, we get separate checks, and we all have a good time.

You should all do me a favor and get a ticket/RSVP so I have an accurate headcount.


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I'm glad this is actually happening Looking forward to seeing you all again.

Thanks Edwin for completing the reservation. Kells is what I had my heart set on after I couldn't get the rock bottom to swing our way. I just could never get Kells to call me back! Anyway folks, please RSVP and help us get a count. I will be showing up early with my +1 so that I can greet folks and what not. Edwin, will you join me since you actually got us the gig? I'm skipping the concert to stay until the last person leaves, at least so we look professional as a group and maybe Kells will even take us back next year ;).

The last total people I had counted was 36 and I will keep updating the top post too if it will help.

*high fives Edwin*


RSVP'ed. I didn't even realize the S&T had its own thread.

Yup, for quite awhile!

Renji wrote:

I'll be there with +2.

I'm a plus 1, so I'll be there too!

Aendiev and Edwin, thanks so much for doing all the heavy lifting. You're peaches! We RSVPed last night, and I'm looking forward to it!

I think I did that right. If I messed it up Edwin, let me know.

(insert epic rant about autocomplete on an iPad)

Tragically, I can't commit just yet. If I have my son in tow, I need to ensure something else isn't happening. If I have my wife, she would likely opt out since we're hosting the After-PAX get-together.

I ought to be there.

Podunk, You definitely ought to be there sir, because I ought to be at your panel, too!

And doc, I think we'd understand if you couldn't make it. But hopefully you can!

Edit: Updated the top post on the thread with current information, directions and RSVP linkage.

Aendiev and Edwin, you guys are awesome. Thanks for organizing this!

Who wants to join me in heckling Podunk's panel?

Podunk has a panel? I'm in!

Count me in, and possibly some friends as well.

Nerdtastic, did you use the RSVP link so we can get an accurate count? You are welcome to add your friends when you get the "ticket" registered.

Will try to drop in for this, really want to make it but for some reason this year Saturday night is stuffed with panels I actually want to see ><