Transformers Universe

I'm surprised no ones posted about this yet. I've been waiting because i'm not a huge fan of the IP, but the potential of a cool game is there if done right.

When I saw that trailer I was pumped but unfortunately, I have serious doubts that is what the game will be like.

Still, if they have a nice character creator ala Champions Online or CoX, I would be into this like white on rice.

While the details are still light on the actual gameplay of the upcoming game, what we do know is that it promises to be an action-oriented MMO aiming at a browser client

A browser client? Huh?


Am I wrong in not holding my breath for this? I love Transformers, but man, is this really going to be bringing anything new to the MMO world?

Hmm, maybe it'll be good to get into with my son.

Dibs on the white panel van that says "Free Candy" on the side.

Oh that is awful. And the van has to be the kind with the molded over rear windows...

I want to be the Autobot equivalent of one of those three-wheeled meter maid vehicles.