GameSpy piece on my Pinball Machine

I know some folks were curious. I did finally write a piece on Virtual Pinball and the cabinet I built. Article, and some videonto boot, is over at GameSpy.

I'll write something more in depth eventually for GWJ, just thought some folks might be interested.

Wow. That is one amazing beast of a Machine you've got there, Rabbit, and it looks right at home sitting next to your MAME cabinet. Man, at the rate you're going, all those guys up in New Hampshire had better watch out!

I love hearing about your gaming stuff. How about posting some pics of your Steel Battalion set up?

I have a sim racing cockpit and get almost as much out of tinkering with it as I do out of racing in it.

Haven't even started a real run at a steel battalion setup. Just have it propped in front of the mame cab. That's a winter project.


I think you do need to get that Pinball Hall of Fame guy in your basement.

How did you get such a big, seamless video display for the main playfield?

article wrote:

The computer driving it used spare Core Duo parts. It's now an i7 with two high-end Nvidia cards driving three screens: 40 inches for the playfield, 19 inches for the digital display, and 32 inches for the backbox art.

Pretty sure it's just a 40" TV.

I love it Rabbit. Makes me want to do one for myself as the machines from that era are when I came into loving pinball.

That's beyond cool.. It makes sense seeing it put together but honestly I had no idea people were building these things out of LCD screens and a PC with real bits and pieces of a pinball machine.. I love the physical parts to simulate the real feel of a machine. I need to take a road trip and check this out.

I totally invented this in my head back when I was bored and broke in about 2006! I love the touches of having real buttons and the physical feedback though, that's brilliant. Looks beautiful. I'll take 3, when can you have them to me?

Great machine and a fun article, thanks!

Thanks for the link Rabbit! Looks indeed very nice.
Time to reactivate the 3 machines in the basement over here.

Yeah, 40 inch TV, decased. 26 inch (I think) backglass display and an old 19 inch DMD display.

It's the opposite of mame. Mame you can run on old slow hardware. This makes an i7 and two fat video cards weep.

Why does it take so much hardware to run?

Chaz wrote:

Why does it take so much hardware to run?

I suspect accurate physics and just the fact that he is running 3 screens... though I strongly suspect that at least one of the screens could be farmed out to be pushed by a really crappy computer.

Like all simulations, to run efficiently you need brilliant code. This is a very niche opensource project, and while the teams done amazing work, it's still not super optimized to make use of modern hardware. One screen literally displays a static image. He app technically doesn't even make use of the rendered on the fat video cards, but real world testing proves that big 1gig cards make big differences in frame rates.

Adding the force feedback/led outputs puts another big drain on resources. Without those, frame rates are acceptable with a lot lower hardware.

I've always been a tish skeptical of how well it'd look until the videos took away my skepticism.

Good job (on the machine and the article)!