Front Office Football 2007

I've just downloaded this (again - I found my original activation code due to a set of circumstances too tedious to list here), and was wondering, does anyone have a file of proper rosters/team names/helmets for the 2010 or 2009 seasons ? I used to have one, but lord knows where it is now and I don't really fancy an epic editing job.

Thanks in advance.

I only play fictional mp, so I'm not much help, but everything you need will be here:

Helmets and logos can be found here:

I believe I use MizzouRah NFL Logos. (You can also manually download some helmets from here.)

As far as changing cities and names, that should only take a minute or two in-game. Not sure if someone upped the file for that.

Rosters in-game are updated to 2010's rosters. Dunno about 2009.

(Single player sucks, come join a mp league. The only one I'm in right now, OSFL, is in the preseason and still recruiting.)

Oh cool - for some reason I seemed to think that the standard set was a random player one, rather than the NFL rosters.

No, he puts in yearly rosters whenever he patches. They may be outdated as they were week 1 rosters, but it's better than nothing.

It may have been as you say in the past, but unless I'm waaaaaay off base the vanilla player set is the NFL, it's just the team nicknames which are fictional. I suppose that's how he gets around licensing issues.