"Don't Ask Don't Tell" Ruled Unconstitutional by Federal Judge


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Jonman's statement, flippancy aside, is asking you to take on the burden of proof, since it's ultimately on your head to prove your assertion true by showing that sexual attraction can be flipped to the opposite side of the spectrum.

You raise a good point in your use of the word 'flipped'.

The "homosexuality is a choice" crowd have to not only contend with the difficulty of proving that a straight guy can decide to be aroused by other men, but even more difficult, proving that the same guy can decide to stop being attracted to women.

I heard/read/saw something once that suggested it wasn't a binary thing but rather a sliding scale from completely straight to completely gay. Most people were found to be somewhere between the middle and completely straight. So it doesn't seem to make sense to think of it as an either/or situation.

The uncomfortable though is that if you do happen to be halfway, what you go looking for very much becomes a choice.

The only part that's a choice for someone who's bisexual is whether or not to approach the person they're attracted to. The attraction itself isn't a choice.

This is the type of choice every person with a sense of sexuality has. You don't pick what floats your boat (or flips your pickle, depending) but you do choose what to do after that point.

The conversation here is ok, but I think the original post is pretty much run down. Time for a fresh thread.