FF2011: Fantasy Football 2011 (non-GWJFFL) catch-all

You don't think Jennings will get the lion's share? Dez Bryant is a #2 receiver and possibly the third place Romo looks. I'd rather have Greg Jennings who doesn't have a Miles Austin on his team than Dez Bryant who has tons of upside but hasn't quite proven himself. Jennings is in his prime and you'll have a good 5 years with him before you should see any drop off, if not longer. He doesn't have (serious) injury or off the field issues.

That said, Colston has niggling injury issues and while I like Bowe I would take Bryant over Bowe. When in doubt look to the QBs. I'll take Rodgers over Romo any day of the week.

There's a lot of talent there. Sucks to be you.