Freedom from the Pile!

I'm on the last colossus in SotC and... Yeah, I'm moving to this one to next month.

Seems I will need to carry over Red Dead to August.

Fable 3 DLC and Dragon Age 2 DLC cause a slight speed bump.

Finished Bioshock right under the wire! Take that Steam sale!

Bioshock - made it to Hepaestus before losing access to the machine I was playing on.
Dragon Quest IX - Level 23 and in Bloomingdale, about to enter the Bad Cave or something like that.

Progress....just not enough. On to August!

Wasn't able to squeeze any game time at all... had an anniversary celebration... was pretty much kidnapped in a good way by my significant other hehehe... In any case, I'll be posting my carryover on August's thread.

For Deus Ex I made it to the third section in the sewer level. That's not very good progress considering I didn't have much of a time issue preventing me from playing more. I do have the game up and running (and modded!) on my new machine, so I will make it a point to finish this journey.