E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy catch all

If you can stand something that isn't polished to a shine, I'd give E.Y.E. a firm thumbs up. It is extremely rough, but it is unique in a good way. Like I said, it really depends on your taste, but it shines in its own little niche.

It reminds me a lot of the original Deus Ex actually, in the narrow scope of the combat gameplay. Basically it sets you loose in large maps with a huge range of options. Sure you could do something conventional, like just attack with your normal assortment of assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles. But you could also summon a small army of clones of yourself and send them to attack the enemy, or hack the brain of one of your foes and fight through him. You could combine tactics by jumping onto a balcony with augmented legs and snipe from a secure position; or run up with augmented speed while blocking bullets with your sword to melee them. There are few constraints and a lot of toys to play around with.

The other game it reminds me of is Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, but again only in the combat gameplay. You get to use a lot of strange stuff like the vampiric powers in Bloodlines. There isn't too much to E.Y.E. other than the combat though. I got more enjoyment out of it than Space Marine or Modern Warfare 3, but or course your mileage may vary. I'd also like to point out they toned down the sight range of the NPCs, it says so right in the patch notes I posted in this thread. That Quick Look was from the initial release. Also if you do buy the game there is a wiki to help you figure things out, that the game doesn't really explain things (including its own plot or setting) is a fair complaint.

Has anyone tried this game coop? Fun? Not fun? Shut up, Lars?

Shut up, Lars.

I might be up for some co op after the holidays though. Just picked it up and have yet to play it.

I'd be up for figuring the game out through coop.

MoonDragon wrote:

I'd be up for figuring the game out through coop.

If you do Coop - Look me up. I am still trying to get the achievements, but sometime find this game need the company of other players.

MoonDragon wrote:

I'd be up for figuring the game out through coop.

Same here. Feel free to friend me up.

Lars wrote:
MoonDragon wrote:

I'd be up for figuring the game out through coop.

Same here. Feel free to friend me up.

Me too. I've only played it long enough to get afraid of the dark and accidentally squish a Future Roach™.

Wow. That's a weird one.

Ran through what I guess is the tutorial stage or two tonight... really just looking for briefcases for the holiday achievement thing. But no luck there. And I just feel really confused about everything else. What should I level up? What powers do I have? Should I pick up guns off of dead guys? I spent all that time setting up my inventory at the armory, which looked very limited in what I could carry. So I was scared to pick up anything, thinking I didn't have room.

I dunno... I killed a lot of guys. Quite easily.

Also had no idea what I was doing in creation with the mixing of dna or whatever.

Just... weird... and the tutorials are fairly limited.

I think I need some kind of FAQ, helpful hints thing before I dig into this one.

I really just wanted to get a present/briefcase drop and come back to it later. Now I'm just... huh?

I was playing this last night, and it struck me that with a few differences, the atmosphere of EYE feels closer to my personal idea of Syndicate than what EA have shown of their new version.

As for tutorials, I just learned enough to get by, and dug into it, and learn more as I go. Just play.

picked this up today and whoa, you all were correct....massively confusing amount of information given. im one to always be intrigued by games with steep learning curves (EVE, X3TC, and somewhat even dwarf fortress completely understood, though ive read good things about AURORA on here that i have not gotten around to), so im gonna give this one a go in between modding skyrim. i found this SITE that seems to offer several vid tutorial walkthrus that im gonna check out when i get the chance. happy 'mancyering!

im really diggin this game. very bizarre. got about 2 hours in. still havnt done a ton, but got the hang of all the menus

Cayne wrote:

I'm in from all the chatter and the trailers, anyone want to create a group try some of this co-op?

Sure this post is only a year old... but I'm wondering if anyone ever created a group. I was skeptical about this game when it came out, but I tried it out recently and it's been a blast. The coop play reminds me of Borderlands except that it's actually challenging.

Well, this explains everything.

I see someone likes David Lynch.

Is this game any good? $1.99 on steam right now.

ems777 wrote:

Is this game any good? $1.99 on steam right now.

I played a bit, and it felt like there was probably a decent game there if you're willing to invest the time to make it past the learning curve.

That said, I didn't put in the time - too many other games that require less hoop-jumping before I can have any fun.


He said, firing up Football Manager...

Cool stuff going on, but until they fix the fact that enemies can see you through walls and buildings I'll never play it again. They may have patched this to be better, I'm not sure.

Ok thanks for the info. I've got way too much on my gaming plate right now for a overly complex shooter with see-through walls but maybe another time.