Castle Empire

Unsure if this has been mentioned before but it looks like is the result of The Settlers folks. I'm just a few minutes in to the closed beta but it appears the keys are easy to get (took me about 5 minutes after registering). So far it looks to be a simple city sim but a good in browser time waster so far. If you try it out add me GWJ_TKE.

I have registered to give it a go.

Looked interesting. Signed up as Brizahd

I'm playing this as... badken!

I intend to keep playing until it pisses me off by making me pay money for something.

I've signed up and got a key instantly. It looks like I'll have to wait until later to actually play though as right now it's just hung with this lil guy IMAGE(

Looking at the FAQ it looks like this will eventually roll up into a micro-transaction system of buying little perks, etc. This also reminds me of that web based heroes of might and magic themed game.

So is this a legitimate Evony?

So I didn't get to play for 2 days because I was copy/pasting my beta code. I'm up and running now. Waiting on my workers to poop out more wood and stone so I can build a barracks now. So far it's very pleasant. Beautiful art style, birds chirping, and a comfy level of progress. My only criticism is that levels come too absurdly easily. This makes me wonder though why I'm not just playing the proper Settlers game. Maybe I will...

Scratched wrote:

So is this a legitimate Evony?

By legitimate do you mean it has real boobies? Or that it doesn't covertly sell your info to russian viagra bots? It has no boobies and no viagra, but it does have tiny pot-bellied men waddling around with fish.

Shawnosaurus wrote:

It has no boobies and no viagra, but it does have tiny pot-bellied men waddling around with fish.

Signing up now!

Just now starting in on this, registered as Liquidmantis. My brother is in as Slytin too.

So, it's a persistent world, but how do interact with other players? Do you actually battle other players for territory, etc?

No idea, it seems liked mmo solitaire.

Well, I enjoyed a week of it. Now it's become more of a maintenance/grind feeling for which I've lost my enthusiasm. Logging in each morning to rebuild the same wheat fields, wells, fish pools, mines, etc every day has become tiresome. Cute game at first. And it probably made me purchase Settlers 7, so in that sense I guess they did well with it.

I agree with you, except for the game purchase. Just not enough going on and what is going on annoys me.

Okay, I'm addicted to this, hehe, but I'm only 3 days in. Maybe I'll get bored later, but for now, I'm enjoying it. Anyone else playing?