Fallen Earth going Free to Play, but through "GamersFirst LIVE!"

I played Fallen Earth the first month. Was sort of meh about it, and certainly meh about paying any kind of monthly fee.
BUT. It's a whole new ballgame if it's Free to Play, plus I do own a copy of the game without subscription.

But now I have to sign up for an account through this GamersFirst LIVE thingie (Steam wannabe?) and I assume this thing wants to sit on my computer using my bandwidth and my RAM and annoying me. And I assume I have to install it in order to have some kind of chance of linking my existing Steam copy of Fallen Earth or proving I own it or something. But I do not want to install it, if it's going to get it's greedy hands all over my PC and be difficult to disentangle.

Anyone know the skinny on all this?


Seems to have multiple free games on the main page, and that seems to be their main thing.

I hate Gamersfirst. Its the biggest reason I haven't tried the APB reboot.

Actually as far as I know, I've only had to launch the Gamersfirst download client once to download the APB Reloaded installation files.

After that, everything goes through the APB:Reloaded launcher, patching and game launch and I uninstalled the Gamersfirst client (and the Pando download service) without any issues.

I imagine it will be the same for Fallen Earth.

The Gamersfirst client seems to be only for downloading of game clients. All the credit and online shop stuff, where they make their real money, goes through their website.

All the more reason for me to not want their download software sitting on my pc.

As I mentioned it's easily uninstalled completely once the game client you're downloading is done.

But you are entitled to your choice.

Yeah, I don't think any of the APB guys have had issues with that launcher at all

For APB, the installer did also install "Pando Media Booster", which you want to uninstall. And it's well behaved--uninstalling it uninstalls it. But that was it. (And I believe that also is or was associated with LotRO?)

Yeah, I was hesitant about installing it when I was invited back to APB, but it proved largely innocuous.