Wireless connection options for older Xbox 360 (5Ghz)

Looking to connect an old style Xbox 360 to run as primarily a Media Center Extender for HD TV, etc. In the past, I've never had good luck running extenders on wireless, but after recently picking up a 360 S and testing it in my bedroom upstairs, it seemed to perform much better than expected. None of the glitching and network video drop outs I saw when I tried this a couple of years ago. This was on 2.4Ghz, since the new Xbox built in adapters don't support 5Ghz, but if possible, I'd like to put my media stuff up on 5Ghz to avoid all the rest of the neighborhood traffic. I understand 5Ghz has less range in most cases, so that might or might not work out.

Trying to get TV into my step daughter's room using an older Xbox. There's no coax in the room, so I'm either going to run ethernet and coax up there, or I'm going to attempt it with wireless. I first tried to do it with one of the knock off Xbox adapters that claim to behave like the old MS adapters that supported both bands of N (2.4Ghz & 5Ghz). It wouldn't even see the 5Ghz SIID on my router, and it only connects at G speeds on 2.4Ghz from 5 feet away according to the router itself. So back to China that goes.

The dual band MS adapter can still be had for $65 on Amazon. There are also things like this Cisco/Linksys WET610N that are more universal and not tied to the Xbox in case I wanted to use it for something else down the road. It's a bit more, but I'd probably pay that for the versatility.

I'd really rather have something with more than one ethernet port on it, though. I know I could always just put it with a cheap switch, but that's just adding to the complexity and the wiring.

I thought about powerline networking, and while not ruling it out, I'd still think I'd prefer a wireless solution if possible, due to the fickle nature of the powerline stuff.

Any other solutions? Better wireless adapters with N+5Ghz?

EDIT: Also found this D-Link.