Elysium's Surgery - Final Update on Sunday 7/24 - Safe At Home.

May the Doctor have good hands. And to Sean and family, Good Luck!

Praying for you and your family.

Good luck.

Thinking of you guys. Good luck!


From my family to yours; good health, good wishes, and good luck.

You shouldn't need the latter, but I figure it never hurts!

Good thoughts and hopes for you both! Looking forward to hearing more.

More thoughts and prayers for the pile, Elysium! Wow, that is a huge pile.

Thoughts and Well Wishes.
Following along.
Right now it's hard for everyone who is not sedated.

Thoughts are with you!

So, so many prayers and good thoughts to you, Sean, and the whole family. Peace, ease, and a swift recovery!

Been praying for the Sandseses all night and morning. Hope everything goes well and that a temporal anomaly makes time fly.

Good luck and happy thoughts to you and your family Sean

Hang in there Sandses.
Lots of love headed your way!

Adding to the thoughts and prayers. Thank you for the updates.

Late to the thread.. but I know a hearty Wisconsiner like Sean will come out of this with rosy cheeks and will be ready for football season to cheer on his Packers.

Best of luck to you good sir and to your family.

Thanks for the updates. Hope everything goes well.

My best wishes are with you and your family, Elysia. He'll get through this no problem, I'm sure.

Sending vibes eastwards.

All the best to you Elysia, and the rest of your family. Kick its ass, Elysium!

Wishing for the best possible outcome!

Best thoughts and wishes from my family to yours.

I'm sure Elysium's in good hands. Hope to hear from him again soon.

Godspeed Elysium! Best wishes from our family to yours for a successful operation and speedy recovery!

Thought's and prayers with you and yours.

Best wishes to Sean and family. I look forward to hearing that everything went swimmingly!

I had taken for granted how quickly time passes while you are under. I suppose I now know what felt like for those who didn't happen to be unconscious at the time.

I had been praying for a smooth operation and fast recovery, but I find myself more and more praying also for Sean's family, that they not be overtaken by anxiety while they wait for Sean's triumphant return.

Updates, please!

Worried about you two, and paying attention to this thread. Keeping fingers and toes crossed.

You and yours are in my thoughts. Hope you're doing well. To echo the general sentiment here, thank you for keeping us updated.

Just before he comes out after a successful op, get them to shave his head completely. Beard, hair, eyebrows, everything. If you want, draw them back in with a felt-tip pen.

He'll be so mortified about having to spend the next few weeks as Uncle Fester that he won't worry about any post-op pain.