Elysium's Surgery - Final Update on Sunday 7/24 - Safe At Home.

Elysia wrote:

I'll share any/all comments with Elysium once he is a little less high on the morphine!

Just don't forget to keep note of the good ones he makes while still riding it.

All the best, to all involved. Positive vibes heading Stateside.

Best of luck to Sean and stay strong Elysia! You're in my thoughts.

Good luck to you Sean.

Reading this and thinking of you.

Happy, healing, positive thoughts headed your way.

positive vibes headed that way! Stay strong and he'll pull through just fine Elysia.

edit: what an ironic coincidence that posting in this topic leveled me up from Intern to Consultant!

I bet he's performing his own open heart surgery, because that's just how awesome he is! Wish him luck for me!

In my thoughts.

I'll admit it: this thread inexplicably made me tear up, not because I'm unduly anxious, I suppose (concerned, heck yes!), but because I really appreciate being kept up to date. Once again, what a great community! Best wishes!

Lots and lots of love to you both. If love and good feelings and thoughts and prayers, and an incredible community filled with all of the above count...then all of that will be on your side more than we can express.

Heart too big for the chest, eh? Best of luck and get well soon.

I'm not sure how, but I feel that his years of gaming, podcasting, and raconteuring have all been in preparation for the moment during the surgery that those skills are desperately needed. I have no doubt he'll come through this brilliantly. My thoughts are with you.

Eysia - you, Sean, and your kids are in my thoughts today. Much positive energy flowing to your locale!

All the best!

I just feel bad that Sean will be unable to protect himself from the anesthesiologist's Finger -> Butt

All the best and good thoughts sent your way.

Good vibes to Sean and the whole family!

I would pay good money to see video of Elysium high on morphine.

All our best to the Sands family.

Good luck Sean and family, hope the surgery went ok yesterday!

Good luck.

My thoughts are with Sean today. Good luck buddy, though I know you won't need it

I truly hope the surgery is going well. Best wishes to your family, may he ride the speedy recovery train and bounce back to his normal self quickly.

Best of luck, Sean. Hopefully they didn't make you shave the beard in pre-op. If they did, make sure the doctor isn't a crustacean.

I've been in those waiting rooms a couple of times over the past years and know how hard it can be for everyone.

I wish you all the best, a successful operation and a smooth recovery.

Good thoughts heading your way. Best of luck.

Good luck, Sean!

Fingers crossed...

Sending my thoughts your way. Hope everything turns out a-ok.

Prozac wrote:

I just feel bad that Sean will be unable to protect himself from the anesthesiologist's Finger -> Butt

Luggage wrote:

Fingers crossed...

Best of luck, Sean. I hope the above doesn't come to pass.