Pirates ain't bad. Rumored studies quashed.


I must qualify that as the report is only rumored, this is really nothing more than blatant rumor-mongering, but it does fit in with what I know of people who pirate. (Anecdotal evidence) Even when they can't afford media, pirates generally pirate because they love to consume media - they pirate when they can't afford or they try out things. Even so, they generally spend more money on media than non-pirates, who are generally lost to cheaper forms of entertainment if they find that they can't afford the content on a regular basis.

More specifically, pirates who can't pirate a specific product generally will buy less of that product as a result, when their finances or inclinations allow them to purchase content. As an example, a pirate who has pirated One Piece extensively on BitTorrent will be more likely to purchase original DVDs or BluRay copies of that series as he can afford, rather than an anime he has never seen because he can't pirate it.

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