Runespell: Overture

Hey Everyone

I was looking on steam tonight and noticed Runespell: Overture
has anyone played it or heard anything about it?

Here's the Steam Link -

Runespell: Overture is a role-playing game combining poker mechanics with power ups and collectable cards. The world is set in an alternate medieval Europe linking historical characters with Norse mythology and sagas. The player takes on the role of the Changeling, the son of a monster god, in search of his nemesis.

Key Features:
Innovative mythic poker system using poker mechanics to battle your opponents
Unlock power ups and special attacks available as collectable cards in the game
Combine your skills in short bursts of active play or long sessions of questing and battles
Defeat more than 30 monsters types each with a unique card set and attack style
Defeat enemies and make them your pets or allies
Unlock new battle locations through questing
Mix of beautiful hand painted backdrops and evocative 3D characters
A compelling and original story set in an alternate medieval Europe
Local and online leaderboard
20 Steam Achievements

I read that it will have multiplayer coming in an update but I am interested just wondering how it is.

I tried the demo and it's not bad.

I guess I'd describe it as basically Puzzle Quest played with poker hands. You and your opponent both have a solitaire-like layout of cards, and you take turns making 5-card poker hands. You have a limited number of turns each round where you can launch attacks from completed hands, move your cards, or even steal cards from your opponent. The poker hands do damage according to their rank. There's also spells, abilities, and allies, but I haven't played that far into the demo, so I don't yet know how those work.

From what I've played so far, I think I'm leaning towards a purchase.

I burned through the demo then bought it. Puzzle Quest with poker hands seems pretty accurate.

Arise moldy thread!

I've been playing this and found myself against a runestone wall. Any tips on getting past difficult fights?

I think this game is a part of one of the indie bundles going at the moment.

I wish this thing had an iOS release; looks like it would be a fun treadmill game, but there's too many other games vying for my attention when I'm in front of my PC.
Hmm, indie bundle though? >Takes closer look

Looks like the indie royale bundle.