Miniatures Gaming (Tabletop and Board): Catch-all


have a look around the rest of the website, there's plenty of options for minis. There are even a few stockists in the USA.

So, I'm kind of resigned to buying a box of Squats (can't wrap my head around Leagues of Voltann just yet) when they are released later this year, if for no other reason than to realise the dreams of my 14-year old self.

Damn you, GW.

Yeah, they are pretty nostalgic. Even if I use them for Stargrave, tempted.

While I'm here, our local Blood Bowl league has kicked of Season 2. Sixteen coaches this time, I'm playing Undead and first game a 4-1 win. Nuffle's wind charmed my dice for that match.

Arise thread!

I've really been enjoying Battletech Alpha Strike. The minis aren't bad (not quite 40k good, but it's nice not having to assemble them) and the ruleset is wonderfully simple while still having depth if you want to add it in.

But what really made me to want to post here is Majestic 13. It is a mini agnostic ruleset which basically brings XCOM to the tabletop. The game is fundamentally a solo game in which you have a 5 member strike team face off against one or more AI-driven enemies. After each mission you earn experience to improve your soldiers and base. I've bought and read through the rules and really dig it for its quite simplicity.

It is played on a 3'x3' board and you use d20s and d6s. It is fundamentally a campaign. Once you reach certain squad levels you face off against base attacks. There are options to play coop in which two teams join forces or even a skirmish in which you pit your team against someone else's.