Dungeons of Dredmor

(Space skips a turn. Not that you need to know, what with taking a break and all... ;))

Picked it up on the daily deal the other day and I'm enjoying it a lot so far.
I should have played the tutorial (how do you/can you do a "wait" action?), but I'm down to the 4th floor (on easy) with my female vampire unarmed dual wield dodge emomancer archaeologist bloodmage. I'm playing on easy and don't really want to deal with crafting, so archaeology has been nice (although I still can't remake artifacts or regenerate the anvils yet).

I haven't invested anything in dual wield, dodge, or blood mage, but I've been pretty successful with the other skills. I have 1 point in vampire for eating corpses, and I maxed out unarmed and have ~3 levels in both Emomancy and Archaeology.

Emomancy is useful and hilarious. Having a non-combat heal ("The Cure") is very nice as a vampire, and My Chemical Explosion is great for clearing groups and decent at dealing with monster zoos.

This game is absorbing free time that I don't have. I will have to put it away for a while.

Remember how I wasn't going to play anymore? Well I was just going to play for 10 minutes (I swear!) but when I logged in the game updated, and when I tried to move, I teleported 3 times and ended up back in the same place. Quit, restart, same thing. Tried the autosave (dropping me back to the start of level 4) and the same thing happened.
My level 10 character gone. Grr.

Well, my first Realm of the Diggle Gods character didn't last long. I decided to risk stepping on a mysterious blue portal... bad decision. RIP D. Sproles, we hardly knew ye.

At first blush I like the new Piracy skill. Lots of bonus gold along with a nice variety of cooldown spells.

Scaphism, Robear: there is now a fix for that awful corrupted 1.0.8 save / teleport bug. Looks like it's Windows-only at the moment.


The fix won't make it to Steam for a few days yet.

Eh, my save is gone. No big deal.

Robear wrote:

Eh, my save is gone. No big deal.

I see how well you've learned not to grow attached to your characters.

Holy cow, that's a hell of a bug!

Started anew, reached level three, found eels on floor 1. So now I need to think of a new build to try.

F*cking eels. How do they f*cking work?

Robear wrote:

Eh, my save is gone. No big deal.

Had the same bug on my first char. Had to re-roll. No biggie...

Argh! I sunk a couple of hours into a new character this morning, and now my savegame won't load. The game just crashes. I tried relaunching Steam and even rebooting, to no effect.

Dredmor has really been quite a mess since the 1.0.8 patch and the DLC release. I had hoped the 1.0.9 patch would at least make things playable again, but reports of these sorts of problems are rife both in this thread and elsewhere.

Yeah, I'm happy to try different builds but I was enjoying seeing how far I could get with that one. Ah well.

There seemed to be a few major changes since I remade a new mage. Blood magic doesn't gather a ridiculous amount of mana anymore, it used to collect 3-4 every kill. It's now 1 + (tiny fraction that will probably never equal 1) only on creatures with souls

Recursive curse isn't as god-like anymore, it wears off after a while, and for some reason I can disarm low level traps although I don't have the trap related skill (Only Burglary)

Finally playing this and enjoying it. Is there any good introductory guide to read that won't spoil much (is there much to spoil?)?

Some things you might not find out from regular character creation

A lot of heavy armor gear interferes with magic stats and gives negative bonuses. May be tricky to do a hybrid of those two.

You can quicksell by shift clicking items while in stores. Alt click will split the stack

Donating massive loads of lutefish at lutefish statue will give you a random magical item. You can donate up to 500 at once.

Try not do horadic cube or have certain auto-reflect buffs on while in drax's store. I've died stupidly when haywires and auto-reflects hurt the storekeeper and ended up in early deaths. It's not a very satisfying death

Love the game, but I don't know if it is awesome or massively stupid that I earned an achievement for the game crashing.

I really really wish I could save the recipes I find. A lot of the time I find cool things and know for a fact I will never make the item to see what it is because my dude uses axes and the recipe is for a staff.

zircher wrote:

Love the game, but I don't know if it is awesome or massively stupid that I earned an achievement for the game crashing.

They released that achievement after the 1st patch which crashed the game if you loaded a save game. They fixed the error a few hours later.

Note to self, don't summon fire runes beneath your feet.

zircher wrote:

Love the game, but I don't know if it is awesome or massively stupid that I earned an achievement for the game crashing.

I don't think they're mutually exclusive in this case.

A kindly GWJer bought this for me during the holiday sale, so I'm subscribing to the thread and checking out the newbie advice. Thanks, guys!

Just wondering if anyone tried a warrior/thief style character on "Rogue"?

Was thinking I'll give nonmagic a shot, all my characters so far have been magic mixtures. Was maybe thinking a fairly defensive one with shield and dodge so I don't get owned.

Does countering an attack cause a double-strike back if you dual wield? Can't find any info in the wiki about it. Also, can you proc multiple things at once? I notice a ton of melee-centric things give you proc buffs, but in blood magic, the latter proc replaces the previous proc so you can only have one at a time.

I tried a full "pure" rogue with only rogue skills. Didn't work out so well. In some roguelikes you can get rewards for simply sneaking through a room cleanly. But in Dredmore you will need to fight. Rogues have very little offense and defence.

I meant rogue difficulty (the "dying is fun") not actual rogue. I remember a ton of pages back, people say some things make it too easy, but they nerfed a bunch of magic that used to be a lot stronger early on, so I don't know if they did something similar for weapon skills

Short of reading every single set of patch notes I have no idea. The skills do seem very different from when I last played. So I'm sure they got the same balancing attention as magic did.

Can you see your skill trees between level ups?

duckilama wrote:

Can you see your skill trees between level ups?

Hit K, or the "sKills" button on the UI.

A new patch just hit Steam. It fixes the critical bug that sabotaged all games saved anyplace beyond the first level of the dungeon (!).

Dredmor has been in an awful state ever since the 1.08 patch; 1.09 only made things worse for me. It's one thing for a game to be unstable at release and then to improve with time, but quite another—and even more frustrating—when a mostly stable game suddenly descends into constant crashes and broken saves, as Dredmor recently did. Dare I hope now to be able to play again?

I've been playing a ton over the last 2 weeks and haven't had a single issue, including saving games on later levels.

I think that most recent crash bug was restricted to the Mac version.