The Phone Hacking Scandal

Looks like it's the Sun's turn to take a significant kicking. 5 senior staff arrested on bribery charges as part of Operation Elveden. (Total of 10 staff arrested since this all blew up last year).

The Sun has been plunged into its worst ever crisis following the arrest of five of its most senior journalists over corruption allegations, moving Rupert Murdoch to pledge his support for the paper amid rumours that it faces closure.

Murdoch's "total commitment" to continue to own and publish the Sun was sent to News International staff by chief executive Tom Mockridge after the journalists, who include the deputy editor, were arrested in connection with an investigation into inappropriate payments to police and public officials.

Mockridge confirmed that the five Sun journalists involved are deputy editor Geoff Webster, picture editor John Edwards, chief reporter John Kay, chief foreign correspondent Nick Parker and deputy news editor John Sturgis.

Ah diddums, people are being horrible to the poor old Sun (NSFW).

To absolutely no-one's surprise, here comes the Sun on Sunday.

Any guesses as to what it will be like ? Quality broadsheet with in-depth political analysis and hard-hitting research ? Fearless upholder of the rights of the downtrodden ?

After all, based on my 5-minute perusal of the People and Sunday Mirror at my mother's house of a weekend, there's not really a yawning gap in the 'tits, salacious gossip and moronic quotes from D-list celebrities' end of the market.

For those interested, Frontline did a great expose on this Tuesday night, although it is very much in the "how are none of these assholes in jail yet?" style.

An investigation by the Australian Financial Review into Newscorp's hacking and piracy campaign against its pay TV competitors.

CPS is charging Brooks, Coulson et al:

Leveson reports tomorrow.

*pops popcorn*

And before you think this only applies to the UK, the findings today will determine whether the US Senate committee on commerce, science and transportation have cause to pursue NewsCorp (and therefore Fox News) under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

I'm massively interested in this. Updates would be hugely appreciated.

13:30 GMT is when the report is released.

Well Leveson's report was moderate and measured. He'd provided framework for a beefed up Press Complaints Commission that retained independence from both editorial staff and political incumbents.

Cameron's pretty much rejected the whole thing, despite saying in October he'd back it unless it was "bonkers".
Clegg was set to release a separate statement but I haven't found any transcript or report of it anywhere.

I don't know why I'm surprised, I really don't.

Holding out hope that Brooks and Coulson swing for bribery but other than that. Gah. I give up.

Wow, so nothing will come of this? At least nothing beyond assholes being replaced by different assholes?

I don't think we'll even see any arseholes replaced. Jeremy CHunt is still there for starters.

Wasn't the fire haired dragon lady in charge of the newspaper replaced?

I amshamed I can't remember more about this. When it first went down I was reading a tonne.

Vector wrote:

Wasn't the fire haired dragon lady in charge of the newspaper replaced?

I amshamed I can't remember more about this. When it first went down I was reading a tonne.

Rebekah Brooks is who you're thinking of. She and Andy Coulson both appeared in court yesterday to be read bribery charges.