Rise of Immortals - Catch All (Open Beta)

Stumbled across this on Joystiq and didn't see a thread about it (searched, if there is I apologize) any of the DoTA or LoL people checked it out or plan on it?


Played one game this morning and it's ok, little rough but appears to be built on the same sort of microtransactions that LoL is. Guess in the long run we'll see if it gives LoL or even DoTA2 a run for its money.

So this is really the catch-all?

There was a Steam achievement for this in the holiday sale the other day. Wondered if it was worth my time...

Love LoL but haven't really delved into any more of the genre.

I tried it, but barely made it past the tutorial before I decided the achievement wasn't worth the time. The problem with all current MOBA games is they keep the basic formula, but differentiate themselves via the items and character abilities. So to be able to play a new one, you have to learn a whole new set of items and abilities, and I'm just not interested in doing that for a 3rd time only to get a 10 assists achievement.

Regarding the Steam achievement: I got the achievement doing a coop vs AI game, took about an hour. Would've been faster if my teammates knew what they were doing. You can just buy the recommended items if you don't want to shop too much. I also read that it's recommended to play Ichorr to get this achievement who is a kind of healer/tank who can rack up assists.

I actually found the game to be a decent LoL-clone and didn't notice anything too bad with it except for some annoying interface stuff with the shop. But I agree with ahrez that I don't see any reason to play this game instead of LoL which I'm already familiar with. I think a new game in this genre has to be significantly different, like say Demigod was, in order for people to be willing to overcome the barrier to entry.

I can understand them using the achievements to get people to try new things, but the other thing I'm not sure I agree with is using the F2P MMOs that require many GBs of download to get started. Even as someone with a reasonably fast and supposedly unlimited connection, that's beyond my 'can I be bothered' test. If those F2P MMOs had a quick start streaming client, then they would be onto something I think.

Also, I know it's their game to make, but is anyone a little sad to see Petroglyph doing a MOBA game with their history? I've no idea how well their games have paid off for them though, and how well RoI has.