Biking: Catch-all

Katy wrote:

You've got some key components already -- bell & mirror for the stoker. I recommend a backup bike computer/gps so she can see how fast you're going, too.

That would be a blast for her!

I'm thinking about fenders for this beast, she's got a solid 38mm available and I'd like to get the widest fenders that will fit. A quick Google finds that the closest match from my go-to brand, sks, is 35mm.

I think I can get 700x28s on the bike with those 35s, but I bet it would be really tight and I hate wasting tire clearance. Anybody know of a fender that is exactly 38mm wide? I'm also wondering if I could go for a 40mm fender and cut out notches for the stays. I'd only need one mm on each side...

I believe SKS fenders go up to 700x45, so a size a midgen more than 38 or exactly 38 is what you're looking for. I've also been on the lookout for fenders, too.

SKS Fenders go up to 65mm which will cover up to 57mm I believe.

I just ordered a set of the SKS Commuter B53 fenders to cover up my brand new Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires.

Why get those tires you ask?! Oh, that's because my MAC motor and battery combo from EM3ev finally got here! It's been a year in the making (budgeting) but I'm finally about to build my commuter :D!!!


Electric assist really changes the commuter game. I just pedalled 95 km yesterday with varying amounts of assist. It's not any kind of accomplishment or anything, but I just wouldn't be able to do that and then work, which I had to do yesterday. Best of all, my legs aren't dead so I can still bike commute today.

No excuses.

Anyone interested in a Garmin Edge 1000? It's been used by a mountain biker but has always lived with a screen protector and silicon case. It's a great unit and has been my favorite Edge GPS computer so far. I'm planning on upgrading to the 1030 once it's available.

Serengeti wrote:

So I moved to western CO 2 months ago. There's so much good stuff around here!!!

Nice! GJ is definitely on our radar for a Front Range evacuation plan.

LiquidMantis wrote:
Serengeti wrote:

So I moved to western CO 2 months ago. There's so much good stuff around here!!!

Nice! GJ is definitely on our radar for a Front Range evacuation plan.

Well, if ya wanna come visit, we've got a guest room!

After a month of upgrading the tires, rack and fenders, preparing assembling or fabricating the motor and controller parts, and finally painstakingly double-checking all connections, my new commuter build is ready for the world!!!!!


Apologies if the reflective photo saturation bothers you. I kept it because I kinda like the Tron effect :D. When I get my side-running LEDs up, I'm hoping it'll look even more conspicuous.

Took it out today and I'm loving scooting along at 20+mph no problem! The 6 mile trip to the library was a breeze on the main drag. This thing is soooooooo fun!

Can't recommend the crew at EM3ev enough! They were incredibly helpful throughout the process!

Great bike, Kronen! I'm quite enjoying my own as well. In addition to being able to carry loads of gear, it became appparent to me that on an ebike, I just don't care about the weight of parts or rolling resistance. I can always just put in more effort, charge more often, or just get a bigger battery. Lord knows the engine can take it. It's tremendously powerful for pedal assist at 15 or even 20 mph. Of course, that's because I'm doing most of the work.

At 5500 km, I finally wore out the center treads on my Rapid Robs completely, so I got Minions to replace them. DHR2 up front, DHF in the rear. The stopping power and traction is incredibly better. I can't imagine why Giant didn't spec Minions standard. They're just so much better.

I did a ride up the nearby volcano last week. It was a night ride up a foggy road so picture conditions were abysmal. But the ride itself was excellent! I could freely alter the difficulty from default to flat. So it was less of an epic slog and more of a pleasant bicycle ride up. And then you get to the top and catch the sunrise.