2011/12 Soccer Thread - Because Vacations Are For Cowards

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Prederick wrote:

I think Saturday's a much bigger game than I thought. Like I said, Newcastle can absolutely get three points from that game, the way they're playing.

I always said it was big - more worried about that than I was about the derby. Just hope that it's the Newcastle who turned up against Wigan that shows up against City.

"Only in Spain" edition.

Messi scores another 4 - that's now 71 this season. Think he's now equalled the record for league goals in a season in the four main European leagues.

Hi-jinks as well at Granada. They're fighting relegation, and go into the game somewhat miffed as the appointed referee is from the town of Zaragoza...who are also in the same relegation scrap. Against a scratchy Real Madrid team, they go into the lead after 5 minutes, miss chances, give away a stupid penalty with a rugby tackle and then an own goal to lose 2-1. Cue pandamonium at the end of the game, as two Granada players are sent off within 10 seconds as they surrounded the ref, and then a substituted player chucks a bottle of water - which hits the ref in the face. So they are all suspended for next week's game away at Rayo Vallecano...who are also fighting relegation. If Rayo win, they leapfrog Granada.

Should be amusing next week then

Nothing to see here.

And that, I think, will be the end of Dalglish. Poor team selection, compounded by poor transfers in, not good enough.

And is there any player who has been stunted by not playing with other world-class players like Steven Gerrard ? Apart from his brief stints with Torres and Alonso, he's been playing with 'good' players, much as he has with England. Could have been so much better.

Nice to see the disputed goal - gives the deluded Scousers something to concoct another conspiracy about.

Bodes well for Kenny, I think....crikey, he looks like the hangman.


Oh Arsenal.

I was half-watching that Granada game at the pub, they botched it up immensely for two goals.

As for Arsenal... well, sh*t.

edit:Last league game for Borussia, 4-0 against Freiburg, two goals from Lewandowski and Błaszczykowski, two assists for right back Piszczek. Shame Poland doesn't have any other good outfield players than Borussia trio. Dortmund finish the league with highest ever points total in Bundesliga, 81. (that's a 34 games league, mind)

All due respect to City, if scores stay as they are it's perfect. Arsenal in 3rd, Newcastle in 4th and Tottenham in 5th. Although I won't be really that disappointed if Newcastle loses their game as well

edit: (But I guess they won't.)

edit: I was just going to write about how stupid some people who get angry about substituting attacking midfielder for de Jong (in usual Mancini fashion) are because Yaya Toure is immense offensive player... but I guess everyone saw for themselves.

Yaya Toure - Player of the Season. FACT.

Aston Villa - so useless, barely holding it together against ten-man team at their own ground.

QPR have just scored, now level on 37 points with Notlob and the Pie-eaters, with Villa on 38. Maybe they'll buck their ideas up a bit.

Shame that QPR has to play City next week because that means Aston Villa probably won't get relegated even if they lose today and next week.

If United lose to Swansea, I wouldn't be that arsed if we sent on the second XI and won the title on goal difference next week - I've got mates who are QPR season ticket holders.

Think Blackburn and Notlob are doomed - the latter are off to Stoke next week, and there ain't no love lost between them two.

Look, we beat Newcastle for you, and did the double over the Great Entertainers, the least you can do is to cheer us on next week

Yeah, thanks. 3rd still ours to f*ck up What a let off.

Fox are apparently showing a 6 part 'fly on the wall' documentary on Liverpool FC. They are apparently going to subtitle Dalglish.

What, and they think they don't need to subtitle the locals ?

Based on the photo earlier on this page, KK is going to meet with an unfortunate 'accident' in episode 6. Unless he's convinced the Yankee overlords that they're only 1-0 down in the series.

bah. it's over. it's OVER.er wawe faef awef awefa wefaewf awef

davet010 wrote:

Yaya Toure - Player of the Season. FACT.

Surely he goes straight into the City Hall of Fame after the last two seasons, right?

Well, it ain't over til' it's over, but things certainly do seem to be favoring Citeh.


Also, for the 50th time, CLINT. F*CKING. DEMPSEY.

Song of the day at SJP

"Yaya, wherever you may be,
You won the Cup for Man City
And if we win the league with thee
You can sh*g my wife on the seetee"

PS - you alright, Pikey ? Not over yet, mate. Still time for 'Typical City' to attempt to get out of that coffin one final time...and I've been to many last day disasters at Maine Rd and the Etihad.

Thought of the day

14 years ago last Wednesday, I was watching City win 5-2 at Stoke and then go down to League One, with the three teams above us all winning away and going down with 48pts and a goal difference of -1. While we had gone down, we also took Stoke with us, and due to the idiocy of the Stoke directors failing to clear the site they had built the stadium on, the coaches back were the targets of enough bricks to build another ground. More than one blue said (and I probably thought) "that's it for me, never coming to watch this shower again". But we did - our first ever game in League One was a full house of 34k.

If I might make a small confession at this point, I remember wishing that if we ever got back into the Premiership, we could become like an Everton or Villa, just trundling through seasons of mediocrity and happy to be there.

Prederick wrote:

Also, for the 50th time, CLINT. F*CKING. DEMPSEY.

When I saw that there were new posts in the thread I pretty much knew to expect that

Nevermind. DOuble.

davet010 wrote:

Song of the day at SJP

"Yaya, wherever you may be,
You won the Cup for Man City
And if we win the league with thee
You can sh*g my wife on the seetee"

PS - you alright, Pikey ? Not over yet, mate. Still time for 'Typical City' to attempt to get out of that coffin one final time...and I've been to many last day disasters at Maine Rd and the Etihad.

The little very little little little little, thread of a respect I have for City would be completely evaporated if you pull a 'City' and lose against QPR, though I would of course be cured of this... this... horrible sickness that has been inflicted on me.

Well, no. It's fine, we'll be back. It's actually oddly nice and I can live with the fact that our most hated rival is now also going to be our biggest competitor, kinda like the Milans.

Actually, lol that's all a lie. None of this is sitting well with me, I feel like I puked up a pile of rotten cabbage which was scooped back up and funneled into my mouth.

Yeah, I am all kinds of mind-f***ed right now. I am watching this horrific disaster (for us anyway) that's about to take place and there's nothing I (or my team) can do to stop it other than pray that god willl descend from the heavens and fire laser beam out of his eyes and melt the iceberg before the horrible occurs.

Meh. I will get over it. It absolutely sucks that it's City that's going to beat us, but if we lose, well we deserve it. Hopefully it will be a wake-up call for those who decide how much we spend every summer. If the real world class players are only available for the ridiculously inflated prices of 40-50+, then we need to spend that. Not buy the likes of Young/Carrick while praying/pretending that we'll see yet another 'Class of 92' arise from our Youth Ranks.

Payback time!/the most unlikely yellow ever.

Was that Belozoglu Emre?

/reads link

Ah yes, yes it was. I approve of that particular kick in the c*ck, I do. Well done Mr. Zokora.

Blackburn get the drop. Fans seemed much more interested in giving Kean and the club's owners grief rather than getting behind the team.

Crap town, crap ground, crap club, crap fans. Won't be missed.

A hockey blogger I follow on Twitter seems to have live-tweeted the post-relegation action at the Blackburn match. Reading through his tweets made me envious and was amusing.

Anything good ? All we got during the game was a hen (which the dimwit commentator on Sky didn't understand), and some fat berk who threw his season ticket at Steve Kean in the second half.

Note to said spectator - if you are going to make a meaningful protest, throwing your ST at someone when it has effectively expired does not really demonstrate a willingness to sacrifice much.

Seeing it did remind me of the tale (apocryphal, no doubt) of the City fan who threw his ST at Alan Ball when the latter was mis-managing City, only to have it posted back to him with a letter stating that if everyone else had to suffer, there was no reason why he should get off so lightly

I could think of many other things that Ball should have had thrown at him - a jar of flesh-eating killer hornets perhaps, or a beaker of hydrofluoric acid..