Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Catch-All


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Also, can a typical cellphone bluetooth headset work as a PSN mic? If not, I don't have a mic.

Yes, you can pair just about any bluetooth headset in the Settings menu of the XMB. Here's a video on how to do it.

Now I just need to find it!

In any case, I finished it last night. In general, an very solid and consistent experience through-out. During a couple of the chase scenes, I had to do some trial-and-error to figure where I should be jumping next. I also switched the difficultly down to Easy pretty early on due to the gun combat. It's difficult to compare to UC2 as UC2 was such a surprise and a breath of fresh air. I did love that basically the first three hours of the game have almost no gunplay at all. I'd like to see more of that - exploring environments, puzzle solving, platforming, stealth.

As to set pieces, there were some fun ones:


the sinking ship was my favorite, followed by the convoy assault.

Glanton - I sent you an invite for some co-op sometime.

Apparently there was big patch last week

Tournaments and tickets and all kinds of stuff.

Yeah - the most interesting part is, that some of the skin's that you can buy (fancy hats, anybody?) do have a stats-tweaking ability attached, e.g. +5% accuracy or something similar.

Good news is that according to their post, while you cannot get the optics via level grinding, you can at least still get the stats tweaks that way.
So you do not necessarily have a (long lasting) advantage through paying the extras.
But I do not know what kind of (possibly far fetched) goals we have to reach to get the same extras as the paying part of the player base.

It seems like ND at least put some thought and effort into this, so that it will not unbalance the game.
But it still has a "bad taste" to me somehow.

Of course it does. Anytime you can pay to have an advantage in a multiplayer game, it messes it up.

In single-player games, it doesn't matter at all, but in multiplayer, buying your way past poor people stinks. It stinks real bad.

Malor wrote:

Of course it does. Anytime you can pay to have an advantage in a multiplayer game, it messes it up.

Yeah, I get that. To me the question is, is this argument still valid if you can also get the same advantages via grinding instead of paying?