GWJ Madden League 2.0 (XBOX 360) Season II; Week 9



1) Trades: Both teams must post the agreed trade in the weekly thread. I will then examine the trade, and if I think it is an unfair trade, I will veto. If both teams would like to "challenge" my veto, we will hold a league vote, and I will need 2/3 majority to overturn my veto by the end of the sim period. If I am involved in a trade, Zellbridge will act as commissioner, and examine the trade, and we will follow the same path. If Zell and I trade, it will automatically be put to league vote. If a trade is approved by the league, it will be processed directly after the league is simmed. Week 6 trades, it will be processed right before the sim, since that is the deadline.

Team: (Your Team Name)
Request: Trade with (Team you are trading with)
(Team) Gets:
Player A- Position, Rating
Player B- Position, Rating
Player C- Position, Rating

(Team) Gets:
Player A- Position, Rating
Player B- Position, Rating
Player C- Position, Rating

In the situation of a Human/CPU trade the league will decide if the trade is fair. All that is needed to pass a trade is a MAJORITY votes for Yes.

During the Season Free Agency Will Look Like this:

Free Agent Pickups: Any player who is out for 3 or more weeks, may be replaced by a free agent. You must pick up a free agent from the same position. Only exceptions are if the free agent would be used in another capacity, and please explain that in your FA request post (IE- Your tight end gets hurt, but you want to replace him with a WR, because he is your 4th string WR, then you may pick up a WR). ZelbrigeN will gather and evaluate all free agent requests, and on about the last day of the sim period, he will send me a PM with all free agent requests. After the week gets simmed, I will process all free agent pickups, so NO ONE should be touching the free agents, regardless of the situation.

Team: (Your Team Name)
Request: Free Agent Pickup
Injured Player: (Name- Position, Injury Length)
Adding Player: (Name- Position)
Dropping Player: (Name- Position)

Up til week one you will have the opportunity to balance your team through FA. Pick up people where you need depth or where you want to. You are in Control. Now this is something also I would like to throw out there. You don't need to replace the position with the position lost. Hence you are happy with your back ups for the position lost but still feel like you need to drop a player. Or better yet just want to drop a player due to lack of production.

Rolling Schedule

5 Day schedule to get in Regular Season Games from when the league is rolled. The League Roll Date is the Date the Forum is Created for the Next Week. If there are games yet to be played after the 5 day period those players will have a 24 hour window to get games completed. Now I will make exceptions if both parties are trying to get it together and its just not happening. If you aren't playing a Human opponent there really isn't an excuse why you would be the last player to play

so shall we roll wednesday?

Still waiting an update for some timeframe from my opponent. I have no issue rolling Wednesday, but that limits the game window to tomorrow and Wednesday night.

well...grandpa is still in the hospital so go ahead and play. I havent heard from stark...I will try to play today too...

The Commish will have to drop him.

I'll get my game in tonight.

i was going to play my game tuesday but got kicked out of my house instead...should be home tomorrow but tonight, I am a rambling man...if you dont want to wait, thats fine....sim if you must...but I would appriciate waiting until thursday morning before we roll.

We can wait til thursday

Spy your game is free to be played

Should be able to knock it out tonight.

Lions sneak by the Falcons.

Game played.

Gosh man why do i have to play spy 2 times in a 3 week period lol. 10 pm friday sound good to you spy?