"A Game of Thrones" Spoiler-Ridden Catch-All of Doom - books and HBO show

The other thing is that half the fun of following Game of Thrones was being part of the conversation, and that conversation is mostly over with now. The people who, for whatever reason, weren't interested in checking it out when it was the hottest thing on television that everyone was talking about have even less reason to check it out now that it's become a punchline about not sticking the landing.

Give it five years for the diehards to get the bad taste of the ending out of their mouths and get interested in a rewatch, and give people an excuse to watch it at the same time again (say, by HBO making it part of their free trial for a limited time or something) and interest might reignite.

Right now it's in the valley between "new hotness" and "old nostalgic favorite" where interest is at its lowest. Just part of the natural lifecycle of genre television.

IIRC, Battlestar Galactica went through sort of the same thing.

BadKen wrote:

IIRC, Battlestar Galactica went through sort of the same thing.

And Lost.

Yep they both sucked for endings.

And I've rewatched both since. BSG I think we quit after s4 or the halfway point of the season, whenever they had their "show could end here" moment. Because after that it just got stupid.

LOST I finished. And season 6 is still a solid season finale for the new mystery they introduced, but a crap series finale because hardly anything was resolved.

I actually liked both of those shows all the way through.

Perfect? Maybe not, but I still enjoyed at the time.

There is no way I would recommend Lost to anyone.

Bruce wrote:

There is no way I would recommend Lost to anyone.

I'm actually currently listening to a Lost rewatch podcast I got hundreds of hours of enjoyment out of that show.

Even if I didn't think it stuck the landing, like GoT, both shows gave me a lot of entertainment.

Bruce wrote:

There is no way I would recommend Lost to anyone.

“But there’s polar bear. Why is there a polar bear? Time to tune in next week.”

Lost and BSG were certainly great shows in their prime, before they started unraveling. What made GOT’s demise even worse is that there was a period of sustained excellence where it surpassed these. It seemed to be in contention for my favorite show of all time. The fall from such a height was significantly more damaging.

In fairness, the showrunners were very good at adapting material. Once they passed the books, they were lost. In the woods. Right is left. Up is down. When you're not therrrrrre...

Sorry. A month of quarantine with two kids under 7.

I don't mind BSG's ending and it's still one of my fave shows. Lost on the other hand...

Can you imagine how much hotter the fires of internet rage would be about GOT if the finale had been this Spring instead of a year ago?

I liked the idea of what BSG's ending was a lot, but the execution and the number of red herrings and diversions in the last few seasons definitely compromised its effect.

I agree that the Lost finale fit well with the final season but basically that final season was poorly conceived (or, to a degree, the show was). I suspect if one were to watch Lost now for the first time, knowing the general public's reaction to the ending (and not living through the waves of hype and anticipation and analysis those of us went through while watching as it aired), it would go pretty well. The main obstacle to me ever watching it is those 20+ episode seasons--there's just too much! But there are still several all-time great TV moments over the course of that series, moments I can remember where I was watching, like the Season 3 finale.

Game of Thrones, though... oof, I dunno. Maybe if the books come out at some point we will tell people "watch the first 5-6 seasons and then just read the books"?

Yeah the season 2 and early season 3 stretch of LOST in particular is bad. They were just spinning wheels, killing time before moving on to certain closing points they planned. When they finally agreed to a 6 season run and started wrapping things up near the end of S3, it got noticeably better for a while.

I think the reason I don't have as much of a problem with Lost is that I just loved the characters they built and liked seeing how they played off each other. Probably more than the long term overarching plot and mysteries, although I enjoyed most of that as well.

So even if the plot wandered, I still liked the characters as long as they did stuff that made sense for what we understood of them.

I think that's where GoT failed. They still had great characters, it's just they rushed the last couple of seasons so much that they didn't carry us along the character arcs enough to make the ending make sense in several cases.